Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Statists, Nutjobs, Moonbat Valley and One Blogger With Borderline Personality Disorder

Often I talk about my severe hatred for liberals. This came about as I endured the liberal concentration camp of Moonbat Valley for 25 years. Not that I love the GOP. I have found over the years, that I have enough hatred for both sides. I see that as a useful thing. It keeps me sane.

At any rate, the primaries were held yesterday in Idaho and the moonbats were out in full force. Liberals are big believers in free speech just so long as it agrees with them. If your free speech is offensive to moonbats- they will try anything to censor you. Including a call to nanny government.

To prove this point, I found an article on Huffpo wherein a liberal author took offense to the term "tranny." The author had a son with gender issues and she just found that term too offensive to deal with. So I did what any good, caring, and sensitive libertarian commenter would do. I told her to quit her whining, quit telling everybody what speech to use, and go buy her son some eggplant. Since I have never seen a man eat eggplant, this is the litmus test for gender determination. Of course they deleted my comment.

Have you ever noticed that only men want to be females? How many females want to be men?

Oh geezus, I wander. Ok. So my friend in Moonbat Valley called to tell me that two morans morons had put up some sort of display that featured a picture of President Obama with a Hitler style mustache- and calling for his ouster as people drove to the polls yesterday.

Like I said... Moonbat Valley loves you just so long as you agree with them. This sacrilegious display of Dear Leader near the local post office set the moonbat asses on fire. They can talk shit about Bush, but when you throw their nutjob under the bus, they get all kinds of crazy. Complaints came streaming into the local police agencies. There were people claiming to be "patriots" threatening these two with bodily harm. People wanted these guys removed, arrested. But alas they were protected by some concept called a right to assemble and free speech.

Lefties like to talk a good game of tolerance and "co-exist" yet they just can't seem to bring one.

Moonbats don't like technicalities like basic human rights. It's the same way for them on issues of God. They are avowed atheists, sworn to hating the Christian right, until such point that some nutter decides to build a Muslim place of worship near ground zero. Then all of a sudden, the moonbats become experts on human rights, free speech, God and religion and who can build what and where. They become advocates for things they know nothing about- when it is politically expedient for them to do so.

When conservatives don't like something, usually they have the good sense to just keep their mouths shut. This inherently places them on a much loftier perch from a libertarian point of view. Unfortunately, the efforts of these two men are going to have no impact on Moonbat Valley.  It's just fun to watch, I am kinda sorry I missed it.

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Dave said...

It was fun. They were two nice guys from an organization from Virginia. They were polite and they did get a good amount of positive feedback. Of course they had to endure the expected amount of BS from the Moonbat Valley Liberal Mafia. There was a report of a woman "crying" because she was so upset of a picture of President Soetero with a Hitler moustache. Great stuff. kind of disappointed they are not here today. They are supposed to try to get to every county in Idaho. godspeed