Thursday, May 17, 2012

Elite Mormon Banker or Deceptive Muslim?

Wow. No wonder people hate politics.

I don't mind if a guy wants to believe in polygamy and golden plates. I am after all, libertarian. Romney's religion.

The reason I am ok with Mormons is that at the very least, they don't go around hating on everybody and trying to kill non- believers.

I can't say that about Muslims or Islam. I have read that other great work of fiction, the Quran, as well. That is a book of exclusion, of hate, and everything I don't want God to be. Islam is a philosophy more than a religion. That becomes problematic. I nabbed the following link (below) from Kenny's site and listened to it.

I've always believed Obama was a Muslim. The Christian thing was just bullshit- a deceptive smokescreen, an act to make voters think Obama is one of us. He isn't, he never was. You decide.


Always On Watch said...

At this point, I'm in the Anybody But Obama in 2012 School.

Brian said...

I am going to vote well or not at all. No lesser evil for me.