Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Government Manufactures More Security BS

So this morning, after watching falling oil and gold prices, I was reading various pieces of mainstream media half truths. The media is the conduit the government uses to convey how wisely they are using our money.

If you want to read an absolutely worthless article about a "threat" of some sort- please see this attached link. It is chock full of details. Ha!

I always wondered what would happen with TSA once Bin Laden was killed. What excuse would they use to keep funding that 50,000 person TSA army? There you have it. Our government. Never missing an opportunity to provide an all you can eat- bullshit buffet.

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Anonymous said...

Hell, Leo Panetta anounced the other day that climate change was a threat to national security. I guess we are going to war with the sun.