Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Insanity of Our Judicial System

I clipped this story the other day.

I am going to break my profanity vow. Well, the abbreviated version anyway. To this story, I say
W. T. F.??

I don't like lawyers. In fact, I've learned to dislike them. As a group of individuals, and I am comfortable with this stereotype, I have never found a more arrogant and ego centered class of people. Of course there are exceptions, and I know a few, but they are rare.

At any rate... this is a story of outlandish cop behavior, followed up by outlandish lawyer behavior, and capped off with a jury award of 22 million.

Here's the deal. Some guy gets tossed into jail and forgotten. How? I have no idea. But he is forgotten for TWO YEARS???

So they have a trial. The man involved gets awarded 22 million dollars. I don't mind giving a damaged man a million or two- although some might argue that's excessive. Let me put it to you this way. Most of us would gladly sit in jail for two years for a million bucks.

The problem with not capping awards is this. Lawyers work on contingencies. They often take half the jury award for themselves plus expenses. All of that money comes from somewhere. That somewhere is generally a tax payer funded insurance system. In other words, tax payers very often line the pockets of attorneys who do nothing more than a little research and talk for a few days.

The court system is more than happy to steal taxpayer money and award it to themselves. That's why we need court reform- desperately.  This out of control behavior and broken system has been allowed to continue unchecked- for decades. Almost half of the Congress are lawyers. Your President is a lawyer. The Supreme Court are all lawyers. It never changes.

Go figure.

This story raises far more questions than it answers. It's beyond bizarre. I may search for a more detailed version than this one- but here it is. http://news.yahoo.com/nm-man-pulled-own-tooth-jail-awarded-22m-224826036.html

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Anonymous said...

Lawyers go into politics so that they can make laws that benefit lawyers. Tort laws are a prime example.