Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Halftime In America Is A Dream, You Have To Be Asleep To Believe It

I love Clint Eastwood. Back in my heyday, I used to see him running in the mornings around Moonbat Valley. Those were the Sondra Locke days. Wow. She is forgettable.

I absolutely loved Gran Torino. In my neighborhood, I fantasize that I am that guy. Only I don't like Muslims and honor killers. Sorry, Mohammad worshippers.

So when my hero ran that really cool cheer leading ad during the Superbowl, I wasn't especially surprised. You get this feeling that Eastwood is just as tough as his raspy voice and he probably is.

It's a misconception perpetuated by celebrities and the hoi polloi that our economy is going to come roaring back. It is complete and utter bullshit. It is absolutely mathematically impossible. If you never read one more thing on this blog- please know this. You cannot grow an economy with a crumbling tax base, the loss of 15 million structural jobs, jobs that pay nothing, a greedy banking and corporate world, and an administration with no plan beyond what iron to hit off the tee.

I have never in my life witnessed such an abject failure of leadership. President Obama is the epitome of an ass. We could not have elected a worse person.

So just what makes Eastwood think we're going to turn this around? Clint, bless his heart, is an actor. He engages in fantasy. That's what he does for a living. In the real world, it takes people with personal courage who will be castigated for standing up.

Perhaps Clint has some secret plan that pays that 16.4 trillion debt, that pays for the 80 trillion coming due and payable in the next 20 years in medicare and social security. Some cost free way to fight two or three wars at the same time, bring back 50 dollar oil, and provide free health care for 300 million people. Some plan to get back those 15 million lost jobs, return American businesses to the United States, restructure the entire tax code against the wishes of the elite who enjoy it just the way it is, and remove Obama and that socialist Supreme Court from our midst.

Yea Clint, solve that shit. Come up with a plan. Then I will listen to the cheer leading.

We voted a cheerleader into office in 2008. We see how well that's been working. Halftime in America? Sorry Clint- halftime was nearly two quarters ago.

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Anonymous said...

In actual fact Brian, we know how this ends. It's the same playbook as Weimar Germany. Saddled with reparations and war guilt for a war they didn't start, the only way to pay their unpayable debts was to crank up the printing presses.

Fast forward from 1923 to 2012. Similarities abound. Whoever is the current mandate holder will decide that the expedient solution is not only the best one, but likely the only one left.

People like you will live the American dream. You will all be multi millionaires one day. The problem is that all your money won't even pay for a single powerball ticket.

OTOH, you might end up with the nicest home in town if you happened to hang on to 5 or less ounces of gold.

Keep up the good work, the truth might hurt but I think you can take the pain.