Tuesday, January 24, 2012

After Two Years of Screwing Off, It's Time To Go To Work

I "retired" in 2007 which is to say, I spend a great deal of time screwing off and performing service work. Service work, whether it's in homeless shelters or halfway houses or in various other places, doesn't pay a hell of a lot. Mostly you do it for free.

It's a labor of love. Retired cop work. Go figure. It's been about two years since I worked in a pre-release center for kids coming out of the state correctional system.

The worst part about applying for a job can occur when somebody actually gives you a job. This means that they are actually going to expect me to show up on time and achieve some measurable results. This is a lot of responsibility to heap on a guy all at once. Tonight...

I have a hockey game ticket thanks to my friend Keith. Keith sings the anthem. The Steelheads are playing Stockton tonight. We always have lots of fights with Stockton. I am looking forward to fighting hockey tonight. Then it's on to the new job and graveyard shift at 11 PM.

When the gal who hired me asked if I wanted to know the salary, I told her, "I'm not sure I care."

She thought that was funny. Probably had something to do with me getting the job. So we'll see how the new job goes. I think I am really going to like it but it will slow my writing down a lot. So we have that going for us.


Dave said...

Good Luck. It sounds like you are entering the private sector so remember, unlike government work, your new employer will actually expect results!!

Anonymous said...

Brian, please try to continue writing! You are on my nightly visit list and will seriously disturb my routine.