Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lefty Press Is Insanely Adept At Vetting GOP, Had They Exercised Just 1/2 Of This Diligence With Obama- They Might Have Some Credibility

I am absolutely sick of politics. Of the media. Of political blogs.

Herman Cain- Cheater.

Mitt Romney- Mormon hustler with questionable business practices. He and his staff stole every hard drive from their offices before vacating the Governor's gig. (He's the cinch guy. They'll go easy on him.)

Newt Gingrich- Serial cheater and asshole.

Ron Paul- Racist newsletter writer. They had to dig that shit up from over 20 years ago- when All In The Family re-runs were still on.

Sarah Palin- Dumb ass. Part time governor of Russia.

Do you know why the media hasn't attacked anyone else? Because everyone else is largely irrelevant and not worth wasting the time on. Had these media assholes done 1/2 the hatchet job on Obama that they've done on every GOP candidate, I'd think they were credible. As it stands, I still think they are absolute cowards and corporate lap dogs. Irresponsible pussies. Because of them, we have this golfing idiot, I mean 4th best President ever.

Where is Jesus Christ when you need him? I can't imagine what the media ShihTzus would do to him.


Fredd said...

I hear Obama's a nice guy, tho'.

Actually I'm lying: I've never heard that from anybody. Not even the leftist media.

I'm guessing that this guy is much like Adam Clymer, whom Dubya labeled as a 'major league asshole.'

Always On Watch said...

Whomever the GOP has in front, that individual is targeted by the media.

We're in for one helluva ride during primary season.

I may have to quit watching the news.

hac5x3 said...
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