Monday, December 19, 2011

Hank "I'm Not Personally on the Brink of Collapse, So I'm Good" Paulson, Profiles In Modern Day Civil Service

Hank Paulson is never far from my thoughts. With a net worth of 700 million, he is the embodiment of American elitism. Arrogant and self absorbed, smug, and greedy.

Hank Paulson may have pulled off the greatest crime in U.S. history. Working with a complicit and paid for Congress in 2008, Hank was able to secure all but a blank check to bail out U.S. banks. Banks that had made horrible and fraudulent loans, repackaged them, and sold them under fraudulent pretenses as "AAA".

Hank Paulson was the CEO of Goldman Sachs when all of that near sighted crookedness and fraudulent loan originating was taking place. In fact, nobody had a better view of the landscape than Hank did. He knew what the bankers had done. As Treasury Secretary, Hank made the big banks whole via TARP and preserved them while cutting the economic throat of this country.

After stealing a thousand billion or so from American taxpayers, Hank fled to parts unknown. He wrote a book about what a courageous guy he is. He was even runner up for "Times magazine- Man of the Year." The face of courage.

This weekend I was reading about the collapse of the Eurozone, Japan, and the United States. Now the FED is going to bail out Europe. This alleged Federal Reserve of ours. Why not? We are already 15.1 trillion in the hole, why not hand Europe an extra trillion? This is an excellent read. Hit the "full screen" button at the bottom left of the box to read the embedded piece.

12-15-11 TARP Sanders Testimony

After I finished reading this essay- I couldn't help but think about Hank Paulson. He and his crony bankers, desperately trying to preserve their way of life. A never ending bailout program that can only end in complete collapse. Hank escaped the U.S.S. Economic Collapse with his personal fortune of 700 million. Good for him. Perhaps he can buy a conscience.

Hank would probably refer to himself as personally "successful." In terms of civil service, he was an abysmal failure. In terms of ego and greed- he has been an outstanding success. Given another time and place,  Hank would most likely be in prison. That's the weird part. It's not odd that we have people like Paulson- the world has been churning them out for centuries. What is strange is that nobody seems to care about them right now. I have a feeling that is about to change.


shakealeg said...

A friend told me he bought 13,000 acres in Argentina. I guess they'll take any dirtball.

Anonymous said...

paulson's picture looks like colonel klink. he likes the clink of your money in his pocket.