Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Did the Mayans Practice Boola Boola?

This will make sense. I think.

Three missionaries got lost during a trip to the Amazon jungle. They were captured by a brutal native tribe. The Chief gave each man a choice. "Death or Boola Boola" The first missionary feared death and figured anything was better than death so he chose "Boola Boola." "Boola Boola!" cried the Chief, as he thrust his spear into the air. The tribesmen all lined up and sodomized the poor missionary leaving him brutalized but alive. The second missionary, who also feared death, was a little less enthusiastic than the first missionary. "Boola Boola" he muttered weakly. Once again the Chief thrust his spear into the air and yelled "Boola Boola!" That missionary was left in the same state as the first one. The third missionary was the proudest of the trio. He was pure and defiant. When the Chief gave him a choice, "Death or Boola Boola" the third missionary straightened up and looked the Chief right in the eye."I choose death" he said. Immediately, the Chief turned to the tribe, thrust his spear in the air, and yelled, "Death by Boola Boola!" 

I have had this year (2012) on my radar for years. I can't wait. Here's why.

Obama is going to start the new year out right by asking for another 1.2 trillion debt ceiling hike- adding to an insurmountable debt which there is no way in hell we are ever going to pay back. How can I be so sure? At 100% debt to GDP ratios, historically, all nations stagnate and fail. It's game over. Maybe if we had the capacity (jobs) to turn back the debt like we had in post WW2. But we don't. Need current proof? Look at the Japanese who have been dead in the water since 1989 with a debt to GDP ratio that exceeds 200%. Have they paid back any of that debt they owe? Nyet. That mess of theirs is exactly like that mess of ours. Here is a glimpse of our future.

I'll tell you how silly our leaders are. They probably figure they have at least another 15 trillion to spend before we double down and reach that 200% mark the Japanese have set. Obamacare will get us there like a rocket ship. Maybe in a year or two.

I think there is at least a 60% chance of deep recession this year. Another bout of deflation. The FED will print more money to try and stop deflation and then we will get the hyperinflation that gold bugs like me are praying for. Not just the real 8-9% inflation that we have been suffering through. We are going to get the mother of all inflation. I think it would be quite fitting if Obama was still in office to see the fruits of his labors.

Not to mention some more crazy ass weather events. Polar bears on the Santa Monica pier.

Five years ago, I read up on that whole Mayan bak'tun history. I even checked out books at the library. I studied everything I could get my hands on or watch on tv. My conclusion? Nothing is going to happen. Sadly, the apocalypse appears to be bullshit. But there are some bright spots.

I'll tell you how optimistic I am. I like our chances of having and suffering through a Mayan apocalypse far better than our chances of paying back this 16.4 trillion dollar debt. We might be better off with the quick death rather than the slow one. Kind of like the deal the Chief handed out to those missionaries.

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