Tuesday, November 22, 2011

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

That quote is in my top three favorite all time quotes. John Kennedy said a lot of intelligent things. Personally, I believe that was his best.

I would like to extend a simple premise that one day in the not too distant future- there will be another violent revolution in America. My premise is based on a blend of historical and present day facts. But most importantly, my theory is based on human nature. Human nature has remained relatively constant throughout time. I believe that is a predictable and key element. This time around, just like the last time around, it will come down to a few simple things. Freedom or the lack thereof. Money confiscated from the people who earn it. And an entrenched power structure who believes that they are entitled to govern, to dictate the rules and impose the punishment, and most importantly- to oppress their own people.

It doesn't really matter how these things come about or what anyone's intentions originally were. King or republic, dictatorship or democracy, freedom and the right to one's own work product are important things. An entrenched power structure who compels people to turn over a small portion of their wages will be tolerated. People will not tolerate the loss of freedom through debt slavery. As they try to redress this, the government will entrench themselves in the belief that they have the power and the right to govern. To impose their will upon the citizens. That they need and must have a greater portion of everyone's work product.

The coup de gras will be the governments' unwillingness to negotiate a peaceful resolution. That will light the spark. So far the government has been very successful in prolonging and delaying the inevitable outcome because they have employed deception. They are professional liars and excuse makers. The vast majority of our citizens do not think anything is materially wrong with our government. In fact, most still trust this government. Government they think, would not lie.

We are at the jumping off point in the history of this country. The crossroads. We have a debt burden that we cannot sustain. Europe is on the verge of implosion and so are we. We are demanding that our leaders do something and they do not. They have in effect, told us that they will do what they want. Rather than employ outright defiance they continue to lie and to deceive. To come up with ridiculous solutions designed to shirk and shift responsibility from them onto a protected class of 12 super committee members who are not up for re-election or come from protected districts.

There has been no talk of term limits. No campaign reform. No reconfiguring the tax code. No elimination of lobbyists. No spending reductions. What does Congress have to do to get your attention? Tell you to fuck off? At what point do the American people realize that all of this acting and theater is just bullshit? It's like having a bad employee that has a different excuse, day after day, about how he cannot perform his job- complete with a myriad of deceptive excuses. Would you keep giving this guy a paycheck? Why do we accept this level of horrible performance from these people?

For years, government has been allowed to get away with poor job performance. In fact, we make jokes about it. But the joke has always been on us. If Congress fails to act soon, we are going to arrive at a point where the people of our country will have to start making demands upon Congress- demands to simply perform their jobs. If that does not work and they continue to forcibly steal more and more of our labor, work product, and thus our freedom- we will have moved beyond that place of peaceful negotiation and onto the next level. There is a push from us, then a push back from them. Soon, things escalate. The people with the power and control always think they have the upper hand and that they are right. Ultimately and inevitably they are ousted, one way or the other. In the end, every fallen government and dictatorship has to learn the hard way.

Odd, that our forefathers would put free speech and the right to bear arms near the top of their priority list. It's as though they paid attention to history and actually learned something from it.

That has been the history of things. I see no reason to think that our current government is immune from that.


rawmuse said...

The problem as I see it is that the belligerents are more or less intermingled geographically. Every Red State has big blue areas and vice versa.

Always On Watch said...

The vast majority of our citizens do not think anything is materially wrong with our government. In fact, most still trust this government. Government they think, would not lie.

I'm not that about that "vast majority" part. It seems to me that more and more people are aware of and becoming aware of the great disconnect.

Always On Watch said...

And one more thing....

What does Congress have to do to get your attention? Tell you to fuck off?

It seems to me that has already happened!

Brian said...

Within the blogger community I would agree AOW. However, amonst most of my friends and I will say that numbers 50...They think everything is fine. Except they have no jobs. They are clueless about anything else....just like the government likes em...clueless and obedient.

Toaster 802 said...

Well and clearly put.

The day these frauds fear is the one where most folks look around and figure out where the problem is.

As a gen X latch key kid (66), I figured out long ago that I would not be getting any SS money. Not so much because of boomers getting it, but because of politicians stealing it. Correction, because of my parents and grandparents allowing them to steal it. But they come from a time when they thought the government acted in our best interest.

We know better. And that is why DHSS is hiring everyone who it can.

The sides are chosen. It is up to the statists the throw out the first pitch. Thing is, history shows time and time again, that totalitarians can hold onto power for a while, in the end the people win. All that is up for questioning is the cost/ body count.