Friday, November 25, 2011

The Only Thing Better Than No Federal Government for 450 Days...

....would be no Federal Government for 451 days. And so on.

I was reading this fascinating article about Belgium not having a government for 450 days. I was in awe that nobody seemed to care and that the country is still running fine. This of course spawned crazy ideas in my head like, "Why would the citizens of Belgium have to pay taxes?" I mean if you had no government why would you pay for services you were not getting? All of this thinking of course, led to the operative question and thus the subject of this Frankenstein Government Black Friday 4 a.m. rant.

How would my life change if the Federal Government suddenly quit running?

For thirty minutes now- I have given this some thought. And I'll be damned if the only thing I can think of is that the United States Post Office would quit delivering junk mail and bills to my house. I would not get any more of those 20% off coupons from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I'm not kidding. If the Federal Government packed up and quit tomorrow, I don't think I'd notice.

I don't receive any benefits from the Feds. I don't ask for any secret service, FBI, CIA, or TSA help. I have never received any social assistance- no food stamps or disability payments. The people fighting wars, soldiers, could quit and come home. Immigration or ICE have not prevented the 20 million illegal aliens already here. I would have no need for air traffic controllers because I don't have to fly. No need for the Dept. of Energy because they are already allowing me to get scalped for 3.50 a gallon. No need for the Dept of Education because they didn't help me get educated. I don't need the Food and Drug or ATF. I have all the drugs I need, I gave up on alcohol and tobacco. I have plenty of firearms and if I need more- I won't have to fill out those stupid forms.

Come to think of it, I haven't needed anything from the Federal Government my entire life. In fact, everything the Feds do, the state already does for me. Like highways. Can guys like me just opt out? I mean, if I haven't needed anything from the Feds for 35 years, why am I paying taxes? What exactly have I gotten for that 562,417.75 that I have paid in?

Highways you say? Isn't that where all that gas tax goes?

If a guy never turns on his TV for 35 years, it seems a little stupid to pay the cable company every month, doesn't it? Can I get a refund or just quit paying?

Four hundred and fifty days of no government. No wars, no casualties. No Obama, Bernanke, no Republican debate bullshit every week. No Eric Holder, no bad news, no TSA, no Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. No GM. No Solyndra, no Gun Walker. No junk mail, bills, or IRS tax forms in the mail.

Come to think of it, no Frankenstein Government. Lots to like. So tell me. Please remind me how much I need government again because I forget. I think Belgium might be on to something here. Something tells me they are going to take plenty of time before jumping back into this government thing again.

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Anonymous said...

I know there's a little tongue in cheek here but for the most part I agree. Wasn't too long ago that the impact of the Federal government was hardly noticed by most of the country.

The SC about 100 years ago put us on a path to the nightmare we're now living.

I think the Founders goofed-BIG TIME-making SC Justices lifetime appointments. Of course at the time, they had no idea how far off the rails they would take us.