Sunday, July 3, 2011

Winning The Future-Obama's Executive Order #13575

I said I wasn't going to post anything this weekend. Then I read an article about the Great Marxist signing executive order 13575. 

I have truly grown to dislike Obama's cheer leading and rhetoric. How exactly- does one "win" the future? Obama's rhetoric about winning kind of reminds me of Charlie Sheen running around the country and acting like the drug crazed moron that he is. Charlie says he is winning also.

Then as I watched You Tube vids of Obama it hit me. He talks just like an evangelist. Really. Posturing, voice inflection, emphasis on certain words. He has all of the substance of an evangelist without the core material. 

I am using something similar to a Commodore 64 computer and I can barely type on it as it stands. You are going to have to look up Executive Order 13575- the formation of the White House "Rural Council." It is here that Komrade Obama has now begun the takeover of rural America- that part of America that can't stand him.

Obama doesn't have any problem identifying his adversaries. He is very good at pretending to embrace them once he does. Like Hillary. That truly sets Obama apart from most people. It makes him look forgiving while he carves a notch in your spine. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.  Keep that in mind as you read this new EO 13575.

He signed the order on Jun 9. Losing. That's the feeling I get when Obama says he wins.

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Anonymous said...

It's all part of the UN Agenda 21 treaty, which G. H. W. Bush signed but congress never ratified. Clinton put it into practice by fiat, and now we have sustainable living and smart growth programs all across the country. The ultimate goal is by controlling land use and water people will have to live in smaller and smaller areas, travel less and work where the government says they can work, and in this way Americans will gradually reduce their living standards to third world levels . All for the prevention of global warming and an eventual New World Order. Our congress has never had the balls to cut off funding for this bull shit. Maybe most of them actually support it.