Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Inescapable Truths, This Has Become a Government "For the Government, By The Government" All Others Need Not Apply

Tonight I was reading about one more lying government employee- this one Elena Kagan. A Supreme Court Judge. This makes me sick. If Supreme Court Judges are going to misrepresent the truth and lie- just who are we expecting to tell the truth? You see, these ego maniacs are so blinded by ambition and power that lying becomes an acceptable practice. Just part of their daily routine. Here's the link.

This is the kind of nation we have become. These are our "leaders."

Do you know that there is solid legal precedent that makes it very clear that public employees have no right to lie? That in fact they can be terminated for lying? I have seen it. I have also seen cops lie and get terminated. I have personally fired a couple of them myself. What about Supreme Court Judges?

Last week, I had a couple of old friends at my new house here in Boise. One of them offered a fair series of questions. Brian, why do you write about politics? What's the point? Politics is very often negative, there isn't a damn thing you can do about any of it, and most of us have real issues to worry about in our lives. Financial issues. Health issues.


I have had several people over the years bust my chops about this site. Some have said some pretty derogatory things. My ex-girlfriend is a flaming moonbat and actually thinks I am stupid (truly) for wasting time on the subject of politics. In fact, I believe that she and others like her- may actually feel a sense of superiority for not "wasting" their precious time on such matters.


Writing about crooked politicians and crooked government employees, has been a very lonely pursuit. Primarily because the vast majority of Americans simply don't give a shit.

I can't escape the very real possibility that politics is in fact, a complete waste of time. Not because it always was- but because I believe it is simply too late in our current life cycle.

Here's the worst part. It is precisely that apathy, that selfish preoccupation with our own individual lives, needs, and wants that has facilitated the mess that we are in. Nobody is willing to take responsibility for this gawd awful, lying, thieving, over reaching, government that we have acquired. We lost control and we are not getting it back. The King was better than this.

The government and the bankers just stole a few trillion dollars from the pussies citizens of this country and we haven't done a thing. Who do you think is paying for that? Who is paying the interest on the debt your government sold to the world? You, your kids, and your kid's kids. And you don't have more important things to do. Like screw around on your Iphone all day.

We were handed a Republic and a responsibility about 240 years ago. We were given a responsibility whether we wanted it or not. We could live as free men. We could practice any religion we wanted, we had freedom of speech, and our government did not own everything. Our government didn't levy property taxes and wasn't able to convert our property- effectively stealing it from us. Soon our politicians allowed a private bank to usurp our currency- a battle that had been fought and won 6 times prior to 1913. Now this rogue government does whatever it wants. It picks and chooses which laws to enforce. It breaks laws and rules as it sees fit. It steals the wealth of it's citizens. It sues it's member states, it ridicules and rules with might not with fairness. Our leaders are criminals and liars. They take bribes from lobbyists and corporations. They do this routinely and we accept the practice.

We are bankrupt. We cannot pay our debts. It is simply a matter of time before that becomes self evident and acceptance is forced down our throats. We are going to default on the world. The United States, once the greatest Republic on earth- is now just another banana republic with a bunch of buffoon politicians all trying to get their share of the wealth before it implodes. In the end, we always get the government we deserve and I'm afraid that the results of our national apathy have yielded the government that we now possess. An exclamation point here...

Why does anyone care about politics? At this point in the historical lifespan of our country, that might be a damn good question. It seems a little too late.


rawmuse said...

Bad judges, bad lawyers, bad cops, bad preachers.
How many insults more?

Anonymous said...

We do it Brian because we are the type that never surrender. If the other side hasn't won until we quit the fight. At least that is how I feel.