Sunday, May 22, 2011

Join Me in Swearing Off TV For a Year

I have a beautiful 40" inch Samsung TV. It is two years old.

Two years ago, I ordered Direct Satellite TV. It was about 50 bucks a month for about a year and then they jacked the cost up to 70 bucks a month.

I like to watch TV. It is a mindless distraction. Mostly I use television to watch sports and the "stock channel." Maybe "River Monsters" once in awhile.  So as the cable and satellite tv providers do every thing in their power to gouge us to the tune of about 1000 dollars a year, I wondered. Could I go without mindless television programming for a year? Do I really need this? What would I miss?

I don't think my girlfriend is really hip on this idea but she has her own television at her place. I also have about 25 books gathering dust- I think reading them would be a far more useful endeavor than listening to Marc whatshisname on CNBC kiss President Obama's ass a few dozen more times. Moonbats. For this I have to pay money.

So it's not strictly a money issue. It's a "how do I want to use my time and money" issue and where is the bigger benefit? Reading... or listening to these harpies day in and day out.

So I am going to try it- at least for awhile and see what happens. I have the internet and I can still rent a few movies. I think I am going to take the 1000 bucks I save and buy silver with it. Two ounces a month. I will just use the Samsung as a living room decoration.


Sean said...

Well I say good for it! I have never owned a TV in my life and stopped watching TV 7 years ago. I can honestly say I don't miss it at all. I do still watch some stuff online. Overall I am SO much better off not watching all that nonsense on TV with a zillion ads.

Wait until you tell people you know/meet that you don't own/watch TV...the looks are priceless.

Someone invited me over to their place and they put their TV in the background and I was watching it thinking to myself, I am so very glad I don't watch this nonsense anymore!

Oh, I also read much more. Recently bought a Kindle which is cool/useful.

Anyway, good move I say to you!

Shane Atwell said...

We did that 4 years ago. Now have a computer hooked up to the bigscreen. Mostly watch Netflix whenever we want to watch TV. Only miss Superbowls.

Enjoy your reimmersion in reading.