Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama on TV...Angry and Pissy, Media Calls It "Passion", Gridlock Officially Arrives!

Watching Obama on the "buy the fucking dip" channel. My ex used to call it the stock channel.

Barack making excuses and claiming that he has the moral high ground. He was forced to capitulate and extend the Bush tax cuts because of those damn Republicans. Unemployment benefits will also get extended another 13 months. Just a little hostility leaking out. Obama takes this shit personally.

So let me see. Less money in via tax cuts, more money out via unemployment. One hundred and fifty weeks on unemployment now available. Collecting unemployment may soon become a specialized career. In fact, I don't even think we should count the unemployed as unemployed. They have jobs collecting checks. Not unlike full time government workers.

Obama wrapping up with semi-angry tirade. Now he is saying that he has fulfilled every campaign promise he made. Finishes. John Harwood on CNBC referring to Obama's  demeanor as "passion." I say Obama is just plain pissy. Like a spoiled brat. I say that with a minimum of passion.

Obama, the government, and the media. They never let me down.


Gayle Miller said...

Brian - you sure you didn't mean "prissy"!?

Brian said...