Friday, December 10, 2010

Nobel Committee Restores Credibility, Scandis' Get Off the Sauce

After President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for doing essentially nothing, I had contemplated relegating the whole Nobel Peace Prize propaganda process through my hippocampus into the garbage disposal part of my brain. However, having been a willing refugee of Idaho's Moonbat Valley, I quickly realized the dangers of this. I could easily envision myself surrounded by a bunch of wine induced dip shits waving diplomas from expensive colleges and claiming that Obama's likeness should be carved into the Black Hills. Thus, you may never know when seemingly worthless information becomes valuable once again.

That and I reasoned, if a bunch of sheep could fall for such nonsense, perhaps the disease was simply contagious and the scandis' had caught the same virus that we had. I cut them some slack. Maybe they would recover. So when Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize this year, I thought I'd find out who he was and if he had accomplished anything worthy of the prize. Judged against President's Obama accomplishments, Liu Xiaobo would not be faced with an impossible task.

I am glad that I did. I read four or five articles that I think caught the essence of who Liu Xiaobo is. Let me say this. I am overwhelmed once again at a number of things. Things we take for granted like freedom of speech. The willingness of fearful governments to persecute anyone that threatens their grasp on the reins of power. The oppressive will of China. The personal courage of a man who speaks, knowing full well that his words will cost him his freedom. Perhaps his life. That takes guts.

I hear a lot of folks that believe wikipedia is inaccurate and that it sucks. I'm not one of them. I still use wiki a lot- particularly for historical and biographical data. Surprised the Chinese faithful have not hacked the entry.

Liu Xiaobo sounds like a dangerous man indeed. Those Chinese citizens should sleep a little better knowing maniacs like him are locked up. Did you read the story of the chinese guy that makes his living plucking murdered people out of the river and selling the corpses to grieving families?

Thankfully the Chinese government has better things to do than pluck bodies out of rivers and solve homicide cases. Instead, they lock up peaceful writers that question their activities and their priorities. We may have Frankenstein Government here, but those folks got Godzilla Government. I am thankful once again.

I think I'll give the scandis' another chance. They may have been hitting the vino a little too hard a year ago. They've done a lot to restore their credibility with me above the din and ridicule of a Chinese government that thinks free speech is a criminal act worthy of a long stretch in prison. Kind of odd isn't it? A couple of people who talk. One goes to the White House for four years, another goes to some Chinese gulag for eleven years. What separates these two? That ever so rare and precious gift, the gift you can only give yourself- when you decide what kind of man you want to be. The gift of personal courage.


Anonymous said...

Damn but you are good. You deserve a national platform from which to speak out. I'm serious.

Both winners of the Nobel peace prize and Obama isn't worthy of cleaning Liu's boots. It doesn't make sense.

Brian said...

Looking back...and connecting the dots...who would you rather have for a President?

A prison inmate or a Harvard scholar? I got a feeling I know which one we'd pick.

Thanks Jim