Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If Obama Has Such a Lofty IQ, When Will He Unveil It?

I don't like bashing President Obama any more. At this point in his presidency, I think he has demonstrated what kind of man that he is. As I have written about many times before, he has an agenda which has nothing to do with what this country really needs. He lacks the capacity of perception and he lacks personal courage.

Late last night I was reading an article on "American Thinker." I like AT but I think the authors go overboard on Obama bashing. I think a lot of people feel deceived or angry. Like they bought a handsome lemon. Obama has not been any mystery to me. He was never properly vetted by any stretch of the imagination and let's face  the truth- this country was so angry at Bush that they would have voted for anyone. I'd like to introduce that AT article, "Obama's Problem as the Smartest Person in the Room."

I commented on this article, 5 or 6 comments down, as "End the Fed."

Our country has some fascination, call it an obsession, with intelligence. They ASSUME that intelligence equates to success. Now I can't argue that Obama has enough intelligence to get elected. That he was able to dupe people into voting for him. The operative question is, "What benefit have we reaped from this highly touted intelligence?"

Intelligence, standing alone, can never get any job any done. Intelligence has to be coupled with intangible attributes. Strength of character, personal and moral courage, a willingness to tear a problem down to the smallest parts- and to rebuild. This is called project management. Define the problem and identify all of the problem pieces, identify the steps and processes that it will take to overcome the problem, involve experts and team build through consensus. Put together a flow or PERT chart and complete each step in an orderly and logical fashion. Everyone is aware of the processes and what every team member's responsibility is, efforts are not duplicated. It is efficient. As the project nears completion, we should have tangible and identifiable results. A goal.

This didn't happen with Obama. The greatest problem facing this country was economic collapse. Millions and millions of people had been victimized. Obama came in, ignored the greatest problem in the country, and set about his own agenda of government expansion. I don't know about any of you guys, but I was left scratching my head and wondering what the hell was Obama thinking?

Ignoring that problem doomed him. At this point in his term, it is doubtful that he can salvage any credibility. I want to contrast Obama against Governor Christie of New Jersey. Christie has great personal courage. He plays hardball, he deals with shit head on, and he talks in a very precise way. In short, Christie has a plan. He possesses all of the attributes of real leadership and he will succeed. He will pose a very real threat to the Democrats who have nothing like Christie. Unfortunately Christie has said, in no uncertain terms, that he will not run for President. You know what? I believe him. People with great personal courage say what they mean and mean what they say.

Obama may have been able to stumble to a few classrooms, take a few tests, and pass them. That is no great feat. Millions have done that. The qualities Obama needs have nothing to do with intelligence. I am convinced he has enough intelligence. Real intelligence takes courage. It takes rigorous personal honesty to admit that you don't have all of the answers and in fact, you may not even know the steps it takes to manage a project. Real intelligence recognizes it's own shortcomings. It fills those gaps with people who do know the answers. Until Obama does those things, it doesn't really matter what he scores on an IQ test. He simply cannot transfer what intelligence he possesses to any tangible, successful outcome. That's a shame. Obama just hasn't figured this out yet. That's why I can't get angry at him. I feel sorry for him in fact. He has squandered an immense opportunity to go down as a great one. The great ones, like Jefferson, Lincoln, Kennedy had great personal courage and enough intelligence to realize the utility and importance of that attribute. President Obama simply doesn't possess that most important quality right now- when we need it the most. That is not to say, that he is incapable of finding it. I'm just not expecting him to unveil it anytime soon.


rawmuse said...

When you examine his upbringing, the poor SOB never had a chance. He has had his mind filled with Leftist bilge since he was old enough to read, and probably before that.

Unknown said...

After spending 3 years as an Army Recruiter, I discovered something. Intelligent people have no common sense. Essential for living in this crazy world. They make good teachers, but out in the real world not any good. Now if you have an intelligent person with commonsense, (very rare) you've got a winner.

Gayle Miller said...

My iq is 175 - Obama doesn't even come close to my intellectual abilities. Nor, thanks to my late beloved mother, can he come close to matching my common sense. My mother knew that intellect without the ability to care for yourself properly was a waste of time. So she (and my father) made sure I was socialized and schooled in the tasks of ordinary living! I bless her for that every day of my life. Everyone should have parents like mine. They weren't perfect but they were pretty doggone wise and cognizant of my needs more than most would have been!

Brian said...

Winning the good parent lottery draw is a big deal Gayle. Very fortunate. Obama did not win that drawing from what I've been able to tell. Those flaws show up.

That's one of the reasons I just don't get angry at Obama. Deep down, I have a feeling that Obama is a little scarred and a little scared. I just don't think he was emotionally well prepared for the job that he has.

I am not sure what my IQ is. I am afraid to find out. Probably mark it around an 85, according to the best estimates of those past loves/hostages of mine and one ex-wife. Ha! Thanks for commenting Gayle.