Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pilot Commits No Crime, Thugocracy Seizes Firearm, Try to Connect These Dots

Think the government is running scared?

I just saw this posted at American Thinker. I looked everywhere for the pilot's videos and they must have been pulled. Lord knows, the only first amendment rights we have are the ones that our government masters give us. I am still trying to determine what illegal act this pilot did that allowed our THUGOCRACY to descend upon him. You decide.

How could this be a month old? This link is worth cutting and pasting anywhere it needs to go. Found a second link to the Channel 10 story.

The bottom part of the article answers many of my questions of why this has been a mystery. Because they wanted it to be.

PS 12/24/10...a big thank you to Jim at Conservatives on Fire for getting this Fox News link...apparently this story is now getting out. Like to hear what nanny government has to say...


Dedicated_Dad said...

Frankenstein: I read this a little while ago, then found the pilot's YT channel (My Google-fu is STRONG!) -- his user-name is "PatriotFlyer1" -- where he notes:

"...SORRY! Had to take down videos. I got a call from Corporate Security and TSA to remove videos. It only took them 2 days. Wow, I guess that they really don't want the PUBLIC to know how BAD the security is. Yes they found me that QUICK!! You should be scared!! ..."

He's right. All - around.

Too bad nobody cached the vids - I'd sure as hell post 'em on MY channel, and I know a lot of others would too...


Brian said...

Wow DD! Thanks for posting here...wish we could get a copy...just see for ourselves what heinous violation he committed.


rawmuse said...

We don't have security, we have security theater.

Brian said...

The illusion of security. How to turn a simple act into a monumental hassle.

Anonymous said...

Fox News on-line is running a story on the pilot with links to his videos. Here's the link to the story

What a cluster f**k!