Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet the New Boss, Same As the Old Boss

The elections are over and those high value targets remain.

Dick Blumenthal and Barney Frank. Wow. I am not sure what level of incompetence you must attain, but apparently voters in their districts either have jobs, their banks accounts are paying 5%, they are completely forgiving, or have quick forgetters.

Turning west, Reid and Boxer stay. Murkowski wins a write in campaign in Alaska after getting ousted in the primary. Wow! Write-in winners are virtually non existent anywhere. That's got to hurt just a little bit, huh Sarah?  Unlike their eastern counterparts, I think in the west- poor opponents spelled doom in those races. That's an opinion, agreement is not required. At least Pelosi got bounced out of the speaker's chair. Republicans take the house and assure a little gridlock. Gridlock for this President is a good thing for us. Thus we will swap the Obamacare facilitator for one of the TARP bailout facilitators. Therein lies the crux of the problem. Over reaching and "progressive" government- Frankenstein style. It simply doesn't matter who's in or out.

I am going to flatly state this. It is illegal to force any of us to buy a product we may not want. It doesn't matter if it's a cancer cure or health insurance. It is an illegal act as a government fiduciary to compel us to pay taxes through implied threat of force and then give our money to private businesses such as banks, insurers, and automakers.

There is always some moron that cites liability insurance for cars. Driving is a privilege. I don't have to engage in the practice. Free will. My sister has been beating car manufacturers, the saudis', and car insurance companies for years. She likes that. So do I.

Here's an arcane concept. Taxes should be used to fund the costs of government. That's it.

Now I know what you are all thinking. I have completely lost my fucking mind. My tinfoil hat is getting a little thin. So...

Let me use a metaphor. I decide as a police officer to stop a rich old gal, driving a Mercedes Benz. I contact the driver wearing a uniform, badge, and gun. I simply walk up to the car's driver and say, " I know a little kid that needs a liver transplant, he will die without it. You are going to write me a check for 100 grand right now or face the consequences." Capiche?

Pretty altruistic of me, huh? Robin Hood. My motives were pure, weren't they? Certainly you will be compassionate enough to understand that hijacking and stealing 100 grand from this motorist was the proper thing to do. She would have surely wasted that paltry amount on cosmetics. The child and his family all agree. We are the majority, right?

We are a nation built upon law. That law protects the minority from the whims of the majority. When under the guise of authority a police officer is allowed to break the law, or our government under guise of authority breaks the law, are we supposed to ignore it? Help them rationalize and justify it, enable government to do it again just as long as they have some passionate concern and a palatable excuse? Just who is it that polices government, that enforces law when government violates law? Apparently nobody.

We cannot be a nation of law until our government decides to set the example and obey that law. To enforce that will upon themselves. Otherwise it is all just so much bullshit and chaos. A leaderless group with no example to follow. In a perfect world and a real republic, calmer heads might have prevailed. Calmer heads would have told the banks, automakers, and insurers "tough shit." The law is clear. The Supremes might tell the government, "sorry, you can't force people to buy a product they might not need or want simply as a means of embezzlement and wealth transfer from our richer and healthier citizens, to our sicker and poorer ones." The law does not provide for that no matter how well intentioned you may be. Government or police officer.

We have lost our way. We have forgotten the basics. We are mired in this left and right attack philosophy, arguing Obamacare and TARP. We ignore the underlying law. Throwing out one side and replacing them with the other. So today meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Hat tip to "The Who."

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