Monday, November 1, 2010

Let The Carnage Begin!

Meet the new boss.

In the bi-annual installment of insanity that is American politics, tomorrow will mark the 25th time in my lifetime that we will "throw the bums out" and elect new bums. Until proven otherwise.

My evolution has been simple. In defining damaging effects, I simply can't distinguish which party has been worse for the American people. You see, I view "damaging effects" simply. Any government that exploits people, steals our work product, or erodes our freedom and liberty. We didn't create government to enslave us. To regulate every facet of our lives. That both parties accomplish this via two different ideologies does not matter. The problem is big government progressiveness.

Here is the good news. After today, we won't have to listen to ads. We won't have to read any more polls or read any more caustic comments from the left or glee from the right- no more predictions and prognostications. No more commentary or "expert" opinions. There will be the usual vote rigging accusations and the late night and early morning vote counts. Then the analysts will begin sorting it out. The bloggers will be busy.

So what's the future?

How do you convince the L and the R that there are no winners? That their fear of "wasting" their vote is a self fulfilling prophecy? That as long as we have this mongrel dog two party system- that every vote is a loser? RINO's, DINO's, bought off politicians? You can't. You can't convince them that the only way out, short of bloodshed, is a third party. And then the Tea Party arrived. A fledgling third party. Imagine that- saving our sorry asses for just a moment- forced to work within the existing two party system. The Tea Party absolutely rescued the GOP. Would hope be possible without them?  What will become of this Tea Party? Will it morph into a viable third party so that we may escape the cliff?

I hope so. I welcome any viable third party. In 2008, I am proud to say, I voted Libertarian. I truly saw no alternative except not voting. I did so even though Bob Barr is not exactly Mr. Charisma. We voted for charisma instead and we've seen how well that's working out for us. Would Barr have been any worse? I doubt it. Incidentally, Bob Barr opposed the bank bail outs. Reason enough for me to vote for him. I think back to Ross Perot. Was Ross right about NAFTA? Looking back, would that have been reason enough to vote for him?

Did I "waste" my vote in 2008? Of course not. Clearly those voting for McCain did. How about those "winners"casting ballots for Obama? What did you guys win? 

But today is reserved for good old fashioned revenge. Reckoning day. Let the carnage start. Let's hope the Tea Party sticks and stays. We don't need or want any more "progressive" government.

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