Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun Run On Bank Of America

Wouldn't it be sweet if we could convince all Americans to begin a run on Bank of America? It would be like the sheep telling the wolves, "We've had enough of your shit, prepare to die perro grande"

A little street justice in a banking world that apparently is shielded by government and the FED. When is a Federal or State Prosecutor going to step up? Are you all co-opted and compromised?

Bank of America, and that worthless toxic asset Countrywide Mortgage, have been two of my chief targets for the past two years. That Bank of America over paid drastically for Countrywide's nebulous assets and continues to grossly overstate their value is becoming well known. Angelo Mozilo, Countrywide founder and thieving scoundrel, was apparently allowed to carve out a 67.5 million dollar penalty in lieu of the prison sentence he so richly deserves. (Bank of America is paying 20 million of those costs)

This is how it works. Mozilo commits massive fraud, dumps all of his stock, and leaves shareholders and pension funds like mine with all of the losses. He sells that waste heap of a company to Bank of America and lands a spot on their board. The government then converts Mozilo's ill gotten gains to their coffers in lieu of criminal fraud charges. They trumpet that as a great victory. Thus Mozilo escapes, Bank of America escapes, the government escapes, but sheep get slaughtered.

What kind of ending is that? Would you pay to see that kind of movie at the box office?

I'd love to help sponsor a fun run on Bank of America. Perfectly legal, perfectly fitting. Read this link and see if you'll get you up to speed- courtesy of one of our last remaining heroes, William Black.

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