Saturday, November 13, 2010

Frankenstein Government Now After the Food Supply

Well after hijacking 1/6th of the United States GDP in the form of ObamaCare, our Frankenstein Government has now seen fit to go after the food supply. Say hello to S510, the Food Safety and Modernization Act.

I want to explain a concept to you. It is called a "beach head."

This is how business and government infiltrate. They establish a "beach head." They propose a seemingly harmless and well intentioned law, such as S510- The Food Safety and Modernization Act. Great title isn't it? Who's not for food safety? People ignore what's in the bill thinking that it will not effect them and that the bill by itself can't be too damaging, even helpful. They take no active interest.

General Mills, Kraft, and our government are smarter than us. They don't need to takeover the entire food supply and eliminate smaller competitors just yet. All they are trying to do is establish a beach head position, a foot in the door. If they can get that protected position established on the beach, then hordes of infiltrators follow. In this case, more regulation, fees, fines, and lawsuits.

They are like fucking termites. Let them live, watch them multiply, and they eat your house. Here's an abstract of the bill. You decide.

Quit scratching your head, that's how this shit happens. Incremental steps. All designed with the ultimate and far sinister goal of crushing smaller competition with the help of government. If you can legally strangle your competition with the aid of government (laws, regulations, taxes, and enforcement) and if you can sell your strategy via "food safety" to an unaware American public- you win.

That is why large corporations are supporting this bill. In order to grow profits, they must eliminate their competition. Since murdering little independent farmers and stealing their farmland is kind of unsightly, this is how they do it. They out muscle them with money. This is Frankenstein Government 101. Government signs on because they can expand their control, get corporate campaign contributions, and sell this shit to their constituents like they are looking out for their safety. See the list of contributors here and note the associations and corporations in support of the bill and the little outfits that don't support the bill.

This is all you need to know. Corporate America does not support more regulation unless the financial benefits outweigh the downside risk. Locally grown, organic, and healthy food is where we are headed and that isn't exactly corporate America's strong suit. Think two words- shelf life. When government creates a law- you lose freedom or money- or both. I mean what the hell happened to the FDA? Did they go out of business? Last time I checked they had 12,000 government employees at the trough. This mess gets tacked under Health and Human Services. Read about the milk swat team here.

P.S. Excellent late addition.

Take a look at this criminal. Growing vegetables on his own property. Dude needs a prison cell.


Anonymous said...

A brilliant job, Brian. Thanks for helping to spread the word. I'll post a short update today recommending that people checkout your post.


Brian said...

Thanks, Jim. I am holding you personally responsible for my lost Well, that and Georgia for not whipping Auburn's ass...


Cheryl Pass said...

Great post! Thank you for the links and the information...especially the contributions list of reps and senators. Given the amount of money on that list, the odds of stopping this bill are slim to none....can't see how.

Years ago, when my children were small, I used to take them to a local farmer to get "real" unprocessed milk. It was a wonderful experience for my kids and myself, to meet the farmer, see the cows, and I even went to the fun extreme of making our own butter from that milk. Gee...we didn't die from it either! Sadly, there are few in our country today who will ever have such a great experience.

The food conglomerates will continue their march to put all small farmers out of business. I hear there is a movie called, "Food, Inc." that exposes this insanity. I'm going to have to find it and watch it...and hopefully reach more people about this issue.

Senator Burr will not back off this bill. I've written him and received the usual stupid double speak form letter back from him.

Thanks for posting this!!

M.Bulger said...

First of all, that's an old list of supporters-opponents of this bill. There have since been amendments that make the bill acceptable to most small farm groups. Right now, they are pushing for S.510s passage with one additional amendment.

I find it curious that the other commenter mentioned "Food, Inc." Ironically, the main voices in that movie support S.510. It will regulate the large corporations far more than the little guy.

Brian said...

I looked for the most recent data. The abstract was new.

Here's my point. I want government out of my life. Out of my pockets, out of my healthcare, out of my food supply.

I am not sure what we are getting here. There is no spoiled food epidemic or horrible problem evident. No people dying enmasse.

Why would big corporations support new laws and more regulation? Think about that. I hope you don't think they are doing it out of a sense of duty or gratitude...