Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Sunshine and Rainbows

You wanna really get pissed off?

What's worse than entering this country illegally, obtaining a false social security number, and qualifying for social security benefits? We owe you. And the only way we'll pay you- is if you leave our borders. That way we can send the money to another country never to see it again.

Congress is like a special ed class- only these clowns would find themselves at the bottom of the bell curve.

You simply cannot make this shit up. Your turn to read, I need some fucking aspirin.


Nowhere man said...

Link displays 404 not found. Good site other then that 1 item I've found. Thank you for your blog. I think I'll follow it.

Brian said...

Thanks for the info. Dead link. The original article was on ZeroHedge...I think.

Brian said...

Ok, I think I fixed it...thanks again