Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wir Focked, But Hey I Did Ok! *Waves Nobel Statue

Too funny not to post. Forgive the theft.

Obama Calls for National Dialogue on Changing the Subject

Washington, D.C.--President Obama called for a "national dialogue" on changing the subject today, saying all Americans would benefit from an honest and frank conversation about something -- anything -- other than the dismal state of the economy, unemployment, and the competence of his administration.

"This is a great and diverse nation," Obama told viewers in a televised address, "and there are so many things that should be contributing to our great national debate that have nothing to do with how our nation is governed, like the new trailer for the movie Tron: Legacy, that robot on YouTube that can flip pancakes, and the guy who robbed a bank in a Darth Vader costume."

Administration officials also pointed to "that new 55 percent alcohol-by-volume beer that comes inside an actual taxidermied squirrel koozie" as something "all concerned Americans should discuss with their neighbors and families."

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