Friday, July 30, 2010

From Federal Judge Susan Bolton to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, D.O.A.

I think Arizona's immigration law was long over due.

Unfortunately, the people of the United States no longer have a voice. The people have been marginalized to the extent that we are little sheep who only have one duty. We serve government and the elite and for that privilege, they ask us to send in our money. Taxes. That's the definition of being a good citizen. Shut your mouth and send in your money.

We have become slaves. Sure we have a vote, but our vote doesn't matter any more.

I am fucking pissed. I am sick of government telling a majority of it's citizens that you no longer have the right to decide what is best for you. Only government does.

Thus Judge Susan Bolton, a liberal Federal Judge appointed by Bill Clinton, blocked Arizona's law. That Billary Clinton and Barack Obama have many mutual friends and are friends themselves is not a coincidence. All three are morally bankrupt.

Trade any cattle futures lately, Hillary? Whitewater, Rezko, and a Bank in Illinois. Oh yea, I pay attention. Obama and the Clinton's have a lot of mutual friends.

So now, Arizona's law goes from Judge Bolton to the Ninth Circuit. A Federal Judge upholding Federal intentions. How novel. Bolton was probably afraid of Obama canning her like he did that Inspector General dude. You remember that guy? The one who caught Obama's friend, Mayor Johnson, stealing grant dollars?

That the ninth circuit is the most liberal court in the land is not news. I fully expect them to dilute Arizona's law even further. And if they don't, the Supremes laden with the likes of Sotomayor will shit can it. Not because it's the will of the people, which it is, but because people like Sotomayor can't get past their own selfish interests. They don't care what the will of the people is. We simply don't matter anymore. They legislate from the bench with opinions.

Arizona's immigration law is DOA. Contempt prior to investigation. All that remains is the formal burial. That will come soon enough. Not just for Arizona's statute, but for the ideals of a nation that still believe that this is a government for the people, by the people. It' not and it hasn't been for a long time. They will prove this once again.

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