Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why People Hate Politics

Everywhere that I go, people are constantly telling me that they hate politics. I know one couple that absolutely forbids guests from bringing up the subject. I know a few others that will employ any number of subject changing tactics. At dinner last night, even my mother says she is sick of politics and government.

Why is that? Now this is an opinion piece and as such, I am not going to defend my hypothesis too rigorously, but here is my take on politics.

The chief reason people hate politics is because government practices exclusivity. Individual people have no voice. Groups of individuals have no voice. The only people with a voice are those outfits writing enormous checks and getting what they want. The vast majority of working stiffs see government and politics as something entirely out of their control. The land of fat cats. They are probably right.

They see politics as a source of anxiety and confrontation and see no reason why anyone with half a brain would engage in potentially heated debates when there is no solution.

Some folks cling to party lines. They believe adamantly that their party is the solution. Yet, the last 50 years has easily proven that both parties are miserable failures. Some cling to a party for one exclusive reason. Perhaps it is the environment. They may disagree with the rest of a party's platform but vote exclusively along party lines for that one particular reason.

Still others are clueless about politics. The subject doesn't even interest them. Or they are alienated by such terms as RINO, Marxism, or any number of labels folks use to identify the belief systems of the politicians they elect.

The dilemma is simple. This government was designed to be run by the people and for the people. It does neither. This government operates exclusively outside the wishes of its citizens, the majority. It enriches and worships the elite exclusively. In so doing, it pillages the masses by way of a tax code that Lucifer himself could not invent. And while continually robbing the villagers of their work product, government exercises power and indifference over them. Constantly growing and consuming money, producing nothing. It adds nothing to GDP.

I agree with most of the people that refuse to talk about politics. They see government as a necessary evil. But there is an enormous problem that we ALL agree on. Government is a money sucking machine. And if we don't cut it down to size, soon, we are through as a nation. Really. Someone has to step up and wrestle control back.

The starting point is campaign reform. That should be the first battleground. Although reform is universally agreed on by virtually everyone I talk to, we can't get it. The reason we can't is because politicians and government don't want reform. They like those 6 figure checks from corporations, banks, and the elite and those checks get them re-elected.

People can hate politics all they want. But that doesn't absolve them from the fact that this government is their responsibility. It was designed that way.

It's kind of like letting a burglar come into your house. You can stand there and watch as the thief steals all of your belongings, maybe pee your pants, or you can do something. Right now, all I see is a bunch of people with wet pants.

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Rattler said...

I love politics, it is hilariously funny watching people mind fucked by the left vs. right facade, the most beautiful example of the use of the hegelian thesis being played out by brilliant actors. Communists and they don't even know it.. The Pope Loves you. LMAO.