Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Honest Politician?

I had a friend once who said, "If I saw an elf walking down Main St. playing a tuba, I wouldn't be surprised." My friend never believed he had seen everything.

Today, I read about Senator Bayh's comments. Bayh, a Democrat Senator from Indiana is stepping and down and refusing to run for a third time although he was likely to win. In fact the headline in this story claimed he was "disillusioned." Written by a lefty press, that is the label that this writer chose.

I have a different word that should have been used in this story's headline. Insert the word "enlightened" instead and please read the link.


Bayh thinks incumbents will get ousted en masse in the fall. I agree. Republican groups will think of this as a great victory. It's not, knuckleheads. The biggest block of voters in this country call themselves independents. And if they had an organized and viable third party, such as the Libertarian party-the anti government party- they'd prove it.

Thanks Evan Bayh for calling a spade a spade and pointing out that campaign reform shouldn't be a suggestion. It is the cornerstone of eliminating the most dysfunctional mess of liars, cheats, and idiots that this country has ever conjured up.

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