Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Internet Bullshit

A couple of updates...

I received this crazy email circulating on the internet that states Senate bill 2099 is a bill that requires all gun owners to declare what firearms they own and state so on an IRS tax return. It subjects us to a 50 dollar tax. It claims implementation in 2009.

I don't know how garbage like this begins- but it circulates and people actually start believing it. Raising fear and unrest. I went to the Senate site and clipped this;

Ya' know I try to research stuff, to be as accurate as possible. Getting burned more than once gets a little embarrassing.

So this morning I watched Geithner and Paulson tiptoe thru the "rigorous" questioning they were getting from the committee investigating the bailout of AIG. Hank looked like he was scared shitless throughout the whole ordeal. I waited for just one Senator to ask him just one question. But of course it never came. A simple one.

If Goldman Sachs failed, Hank's old firm where he was CEO and took the Treasury gig, would his millions in options become worthless? Or did he in fact- have a personal and financial interest in Goldman's survival?

And of course, amidst tossing the usual softballs and running their mouths non stop, I did not hear this question. But in all fairness, I didn't see the end of the evasive testiphony Hank was uttering. Saying he wasn't involved in the execution of third party claims from AIG to banks like his old firm. It made me wanna upchuck. See most recent post on counter party claims.

Ever since reading the allegation that Paulson had millions tied up in options with Goldman, I have tried to fact check or find information proving or disproving that theory. Would have loved for someone to just pop the question today and save all that search time.

I guess I'll just have to run that info down one way or the other. Or hell Hank, climb aboard- the comment box is yours.

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