Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Underground Economy

I cannot make this shit up.

Today I was watching CNBC and listening to the usual "buy stocks they are cheap and they make you rich bullshit" that they parrot all day. One of the interviewees got all tongue tied, grasping for words as he tried to explain the "underground economy."

It was like he was fearful and stuttering when he said people were performing work and getting paid under the table. He called it the "underground economy." No kidding. And he even added that the government knows about it. Like it was some secret and they were going to lock him up for even mentioning this on network tv.

I am still laughing my ass off.

I've known about the "underground economy" my whole life. So have all of you. There was a day when I criticized and labeled people as tax cheats. That day has passed.

I see the world differently now. I see it as inclusive. I see cheating taxes as more of a necessity. It became necessary when the government began stripping us of a huge chunk of our work product and diminishing our capacity to live our lives the way we would like to. Every penny they steal from us, is one penny we don't have to buy our children clothes, send them to school, or buy a comfortable place to live.

The best part is, is that the government is turning us into a nation of tax cheats. Of course it had to happen. We simply can't pay the outrageous amounts of money that they are demanding. It is out of control. The answer is to hack government in half, but since government is in control, unwilling and incapable of acting on behalf of it's citizens, they are prepared to lock up the entire country. I guess.

Good luck with that Frankenstein. You seek anarchy and you will get it. The first wave occurs next spring. You have fulfilled your destiny.

To all those "tax cheats" out there. Screw em. Live your lives. Trade, barter, and keep your work product. We're all in this together. The problem ain't tax cheats, the problem is Frankenstein.

One last newsflash. Interview on CNBC on how government employees are the highest paid in the country. Duh? They are in charge. When you have an unlimited charge card, and the power to pillage taxpayers, what's stopping you?


Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not the biggest mystery on the planet.

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CompleatPatriot said...

British Monarchy is a corporation / US is a Corporation not a Country

Hell Care is gonna pass, Crap and trade Hoax is going to pass Copenhagen..

Sonafabitchin Climate has been changing for ever, lets tax it. ha ha ha ha ha...

Fuck me to tears