Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trickeration, Frankenstein Style

Being a libertarian is hard and lonely work. Running around and chasing Franky through gothic landscape (while keeping my torch lit) is not for the faint of heart.

Let's take a meandering and circuitous walk and try to make this fun.

I didn't choose to be a libertarian. I became one by default. I had the two emotional precursors that all libertarian must have. I came to believe that crooked politicians enriching them selves and their elite friends was wrong. (Republicans) I believed as well that enriching yourselves, enriching your friends, and making it appear as though you were helping the poor and downtrodden was also wrong. (Democrats) In both instances, the minions get hosed. So it doesn't really matter whether you steal my money and give it to your friends, or give my money to the poor. Either way, you are stealing my money.

It's like being captured by benevolent headhunters. Death by sodomy or death in scalding water. Then we eat you. But either way you will be eaten. Now choose and be thankful we are nice enough to give you a choice.

The current Frankenstein thugocracy works like this. Watch video for serious laughs.

The other precursor I attribute to Einstein. That doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insane. That is the R and D dance. Just keeping hopping back and forth and Franky will survive. Franky has flourished for the last 50 years.

Now there are a lot of intelligent people out there defending R and D philosophy. People far smarter than I. But they have overlooked one thing. They are locked into a belief system that says any vote for an un-viable third party is a wasted vote. It is that faulty logic that allows Frankenstein to thrive. He loves that belief system.

Ok, let's get to the point.

The libertarians believe in liberty and free choice. One of the major stumbling blocks of the Libertarian Party platform is the belief that drugs should be legal.

Whoa! That stops most people dead in their tracks. So why doesn't that stop a retired cop and small town retired Police Chief? Didn't you fight that war? Don't you believe drugs are bad?

The answer is yes, on both counts. In fact I won't even take ibuprofen.

The answer lies in the replication and triplication of anti-drug efforts. At the Federal level we have this giant, money wasting, and drug war losing agency called the DEA. (I could throw in a few other agencies, like border patrol or ICE, ATF, and IRS who with a wink and a nod usually get dealers for tax evasion) A horrible failure by any accounting method. At the state level, we have have the state police duplicating the same job. At the local level, we have county and city cops triplicating the same effort.

Instead of just legalizing and regulating dope how about we shed the biggest money loser of all-the DEA? Wouldn't that return some of the authority back to the states to regulate how they wanted to enforce drug law? I mean they still have state and local cops. Isn't that how the framers of the Constitution envisioned this? States having their own authority? Of course it is.

Giving the states back control is not what Franky wants. He wants to expand his control and power base at all costs, to usurp the authority of all of us-to govern ourselves. Frankenstein accomplishes this by whispering how wonderful he is while picking our pockets. And yet, nothing ever changes. Kids still die and our federal prison system keeps expanding but Frankenstein keeps telling us that all that money he steals from us and spends is for our own good. Kind of like those benevolent head hunters.

Trickeration, Frankenstein style.

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