Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Mistress of Disaster

I don't care much for lawyers as a whole. A few exceptions, the good ones. A few.

Worse than simply being a lawyer, is being a self serving and greedy lawyer. (although some would make an argument (pun intended) that there is no other kind) This Ms. fits all that. I might never have heard her name but I dug it out.

Another one of those privileged kids. Hey Harvard! Is this the best that you can do? A blurb about this criminal who was a Deputy AG and who of course while cooking the books, was never prosecuted.

Next up is Jamie S. Gorelick, whose official résumé describes her as "one of the longest serving Deputy Attorneys General of the United States," a position she held during the Clinton administration. Although Gorelick had no background in finance, she joined Fannie Mae in 1997 as vice chair and departed in 2003. For her trouble, Gorelick collected a staggering $26.4 million in total compensation, including bonuses. Federal investigators (PDF) would later say that "Fannie Mae's management directed employees to manipulate accounting and earnings to trigger maximum bonuses for senior executives from 1998 to 2003." The New York Times would call the manipulations an "$11 billion accounting scandal." Gorelick, it should be noted, has never been charged with any wrongdoing.

Reading about this woman is like guzzling Syrup of Ipecac. For those tougher than me...linkeration...

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