Sunday, May 24, 2020

Crushing the First Amendment

This past week, a Port of Seattle police officer lost his job for posting a video of himself explaining his thoughts on the nationwide corona virus crackdown which has restricted the movement of people everywhere.

Officer Anderson is directing his comments toward other police officers and their conduct.

At first they just suspended him- which gives them time to research and discuss the situation with lawyers- before firing him. You can damn sure bet that nobody had the courage to defend him- not within his chain of command anyway.

I also noted that Officer Anderson was from the liberal strong hold of Seattle. Probably the worst area on the west coast. The Seattle City Council has been an incubator of taxes, crappy laws, stupid ideas, over regulation, and ineffectiveness. So it appears, Officer Anderson is guilty of nothing more than upholding the Constitutional oath he took when accepting his job in liberal land. Officially, they used the old tried and true tactic of saying that he used their name, their car, and his uniform to cast a bad light of the Port of Seattle Police Department. This they called "conduct unbecoming an officer" which in the littany of police policy manuals everywhere- is the catch all offense for police officers that the hierarchy wants to get rid of. It is the police version of "disturbing the peace" which is used to lock up unruly citizens when there is no other identifiable crime. More on this later on.

The whole idea of free speech is new in America and a lot of people don't like it. They don't like a President tweeting whatever he feels like. They don't like people using terms such as "tranny", "retarded" or "faggot" to describe others. And yet these terms live on. They are not scrubbed from the world- try as the language police do- to get rid of them. 

Back in the 1770's, I don't think the collective genius of the founding fathers could ever envision a world where everyone had access to their own printing press. The founders had no phones, no televisions or radios, no computers. All they had was print media in a very limited form in terms of distribution- and they held meetings. They talked. They didn't have social media or platforms.

So I think the only antagonist they could collectively agree on was government. I doubt they could envision a day when people would literally fight and argue amongst themselves over what terms and words we can and cannot use. There was no need to police that. So free speech, as widely interpreted now by the language police, only extends as far as government. Beyond that- you have no right to publicly use words that the language police deem offensive without repercussion. 

I will add one other item here for you to ponder. The term is "nigger." It derives itself from the latin root word, niger, meaning black. Over time it acquired negative connotations. Then the language police stepped in. Now days the only people allowed to say the word nigger are black people. The word police have conveyed control of the word to the black community because the truth is- they are too afraid of being labeled racists to demand that blacks quit using the word. The liberals, always in charge of the word police, probably would say that the black community is entitled to use the term anyway. And so they do. Get ready for the English 101 finish...

Officer Anderson works for government. If he is not allowed to speak out about the over reach and intrusiveness of government as it seizes control of our freedoms, who is? If a man swears an oath to protect the Constitution, isn't he doing so by warning us about our own government?

Of course he is. Who gets access to free speech if the oath taking Officer Anderson can't have access?
His speech is exactly what the founders had in mind when they created the first amendment.

It is the spirit of free speech that has to be stewarded. I love the fact that Mr. Anderson took it upon himself to remind the world that we have rights. That the minions matter. Those little shit jobs like the Port of Seattle offers come and go. Speak truth to power- it pisses them off every time. Especially in Seattle. 


Spiritually Discerned said...

A group of like minded men get together and politically charter a business, known as a Nations/State. They are a body politic.. Using their political charter they take over a land mass and become the owners of all of it's natural resources.. Including although covertly the human resources. The subjects. The citizens. The yeomen. The serfs. They do allow these people to believe they are equal with themselves even though it isn't done legally. Quite the opposite has taken place through clever terms sophistry, they made the human resources chattel property.. As time goes on the human resources notice that their licentious liberties keep getting more like chains upon themselves.. Also part of the process of enslaving the human resource properties entailed dumbing them down to the point of illiteracy..

SERIOUSLY. I've observed incredibly articulate academics so enamored with their english literal indoctrination that they unknowingly are technically from a linguistics and legal terminologies aspect, illiterate.. Because these guys keep applying the benefits of a private agreement they never signed nor were they the legal bloodline posterity of, to every man rather than to those men who adopted that political charter and swore allegiance only to their fellow signatories.. Even when the Supreme Court correctly explains the COTUS is a contract and the citizen is not a party to it the amazingly articulate literal english aficionado's can't seem to grasp the reality of the matter.. As defined in the Law of Nations, as defined in the COTUS itself, the Law of Nations/International Law is the Supreme Law of the Land.. Not that Bill of Amendments, Amendments are in the inferior legal position of the original contract, that is directed towards the states who are subjugated under the federal authority. The states that dole out civil licentious liberty's.. That are not "rights", are not actual liberty either.. They are privileges and can be suspended at anytime by the whim of any states governors under various mechanisms in place for so called national emergencies..

I observed Anderson's video when it came out, he made several incorrect statements concerning the COTUS.. Not supported by the Supreme Court, Not supported by the Law of Nations and not supported by International Law.. He was fired by lawyers who are above the chain of command that at first admired his remarks then later back tracked asking him to remove the video.. Because his chain of command is not their chain of command.. But whatever.. Hang on to those rights fairy tales as long as possible, until that day they really do come crashing down onto those historical lollipops and at least a few more of us finally get it.. The reality of citizen status versus sovereign nation builder status clearly defined in the Law of Nations which was the most used Law book back in the COTUS convention has repeatedly been clarified in this nations courts for two hundred years now.. Dan Shay should have been the second red flag after Patrick Henry himself clearly voiced his concerns with the numerous flaws in the COTUS that clearly allowed for a pecking order of dictators..

Greg.. You know, the dumb plumber dude.. Who made a million bucks then retired and spent $20,000 bucks chasing down law libraries and law books… The dumb plumber dude who will not collect SSI, nor needed a states retirement plan for employees who managed dumb dudes like me… I guess I should have worn a plumber dude uniform or something.. With my name tag and maybe I could have used one of those images/badges of Apollyons Locust face on it, to be official of course in my quest of single handedly protecting the community from those nasty turds… Then I'd be the official fucken dumb plumber dude guy..

I look around at this shit show called the U.S. and I just roll my eyes…

Spiritually Discerned said...

In a forest of impostors it is very difficult to see the Impostors because you cannot see the impostors when you're surrounded by the Impostors.. And you have impostors explaining about impostors.. When we meet a real impostor buster we're then very likely going to ignore them because we think they're just another Impostor.. I've experienced a multitude of Impostors in my meat life experience.. So called good guys leading various groups, turned out to be just another impostor.. In the world of the Impostors we can overcome the Impostors through careful due diligence.. then all Impostors can be and will be recognized for what they are, impostors.. Until such time, the Impostor will remain unseen to the naked eye and unheard by the keen of ear – all to the accompaniment of ringing applause from an appreciative audience. What mockery, what spectacle of twisted mirth, but were it not for the knowledge that the audience quenches its thirst, not on the elixir of self-reliance that is the bedrock of their independence and freedom, but on the chalice of a devilish poisonous brew of dependency cleverly worded to appear to mean Independence. Those that acquire true knowledge will always spurn the Impostor. Distancing themselves from a fatuous dependency on that ‘deceiver of men’ would be obligatory as a consequence of such knowledge, for there is no compromise with deceit. That being said, I'm going to set up my dredge one last time it seems.. The second lockdown should be quite a show… I feel terribly sorry for the many who will suffer much before realizing the difference between the H430 Elohiym God of this world ruling this world through his above ground ground locusts that the H3068 Almighty Lord God is exposing for who they are and what their little licentious liberty BS world really is, a monstrous fraud..

Brian said...

I've always enjoyed your comments G.

The frustration you feel is felt by a lot of us. I've no doubt whatsoever that you are correct but COTUS as it was ratified was the best the world had at the time.

I have two things which I would like you to seriously think about.

I, as many folks know, am a pretty fair poker player. Over time the best players get the chips. Time and time again this is true. You can change the playing field, you can change the rules, but eventually the best players are going to get the chips. As you smooth out whatever rules we must live by over the last 250 years- who got the chips? The best players did. Sure on any given night, any given week or month- I may lose but over time- intelligence, discipline, and understanding math and probabilities is going to allow me to win.

It has always been that way. The best and the brightest win- the suckers lose. What you are talking about is how the haves rigged the game so that they would win. Maybe. Maybe you are wrong. Maybe the best and the brightest still win the chips playing with the rules we live by now. Including you. If in fact you possess what amounts to one million dollars- how did you do that playing in a rigged game? You did so because you are smarter than most. You got your share of the chips...which leads me to my next point...

The lack of gratitude in this country is a fucking epidemic. When I left the big H I told reporters that the biggest epidemic in our country might be the failure to take responsibility for your actions and the downstream ill effects of our conduct as it applies to us individually. I was only partly right. I missed the lack of gratitude in a nation of people who are always wanting some material shit they don't have and whining about it. Feeling jealous that the neighbor has a bigger house, a newer truck, a better looking wife.

What am I grateful for? I am grateful that I have 6 vehicles and two trailers all paid for. I have plenty of money. I have a wonderful wife, pretty good health, a very nice house. I am grateful that I was born in America- not some shit hole in Africa or some over priced country that says "oui, oui" I am grateful that I was there to help send off both my parents. I am grateful for my God and for what I have. I am grateful I live here in America. I could give fuck all about buying anymore worthless shit.

We did well Greg. Maybe they rigged the game just enough so that guys like you and I could get a million or so.


Spiritually Discerned said...

It's like observing cows in a pasture.. In the early stages of building up my herd I wanted, desperately needed positive herd growth.. I had population objectives in mind for my herd.. Finally reaching the point of over population capacity levels I required negative herd growth for a time.. I got rid of the over burden of grazers, reset my population objectives.. I no longer required such a large herd.. I payed off the pasture, bought and paid off several more pastures, I basically conquered the world of pastures.. And now I don't need those large herds of cows anymore.. I just keep a few around to keep me entertained.. Besides, the large herds were quite noisy, always bellowing about something, even their own shadows.. And you know, those fucken cows came to me one day claiming they were We the Cows.. I gotta tell ya bro, I just wasn't gonna a put up with that shit… No sir… I ate those fuckers... Cows got rights! ha...


Brian said...

Never seen many cows north of Stanley.

Btw, you catching any gold at these prices?

Spiritually Discerned said...

I'm good on gold. Sitting tight on everything. Rotating food. Gold is my passion but I started thinking about four years ago what a piece of gold tastes like feels like in my mouth.. Such as if we really do go into food shortages what good is it? It's only as good as it's current value which could possibly drop back to 1880s value.. Based on my thinking that the fiat currency completely implodes thus resetting real commodities to a more sane value. For example, in food famine scenario if you needed a T-bone and all you had was a gold coin when i have a thousand pounds of T bones..How deep into my T bones do you think you'd get for that coin? And all around us lunatics calling themselves We the People are trading in copper and lead.. Now gold might be handy when sanity returns to our immediate environments if other commodities are available for barter. This thing we're now experiencing is just getting started. Dude, you can't even drive to twin with a 5B plate right now, they flip us off, scream obscenities at us.. Not every where every time but it's going on.. One of the retailers down there even posted a sign on the doors, No Blaine County residents allowed in the store. This society is toast.. If big bro wants to chip me like a cow I'm done..

Spiritually Discerned said...

Imagine this place gets so bad cooking a meal becomes very dangerous;

"If you tried to warn people in late 2019 that about 40 million Americans would lose their jobs by the middle of 2020, nobody would have believed you. Now Boing is about to cut 13,000-16,000 aerospace jobs.. major retailers all over America keep going down one after another. "---Mike Snyder - May 27/2020

"President Trump and the Republicans in the U.S. Senate do not plan to extend the unemployment bonuses once they expire in July.
So from that point forward, there will be millions upon millions of Americans that are not able to pay their monthly bills."---Mike Snyder - May 27/2020

Rationing meat here.. Wood River Ranch sold out of beef..

Spiritually Discerned said...

-Lockdowns did nothing. 10s of MMs infected anyway. -US COVID epidemic was bad flu season, exacerbated by nursing home fiasco. -Not nearly as lethal or harmful as advertised. -Models wrong -No interventions did anything productive."---CDC

So what’s the deal with extended lockdowns, masks, and other BULLSHIT?

it's political…

I'm not wearing a magical non-protective political mask to symbolize my devotion to the religion of man's Science which is in reality man's pseudo know-it-all-ism and to subservience to the man made State posing as Gods..Since man made State is a collective of human minds pretending to be intellectually intelligently special…When they're obviously only intellectual idiots…

Spiritually Discerned said...

I was wondering how much it pays to be a full time rioter? At 61 I could lay in the road somewhere and play beaten mauled and bloody.. Sounds fun.. I'd even shave my head and wear a KKK shirt if that helped the cause. Are there any benefits such as health and dental, how about a retirement plan? Maybe I could play the part of a mean ass cop who killed a guy I knew for 17 years in a mock trial. Presidential campaigns sure look odd these days.. Destroy property, especially those old outdated cop cars, burn down some old worthless abandoned buildings, do a little video imagery psyop stuff so most folks don't catch on.. Gosh.. What an amazing place this country has become.. I noticed in all of those rioting cities where millions of people are only a few hundred bored unemployed younger people are the ones playing rioters. I wonder who brought all of those bricks..Shucks, Two months ago the media told everyone to lock themselves in their homes and never leave without wearing a mask. Get togethers are to risky. Now the media is telling people to go outside and burn their neighborhoods down over another staged hoax involving crisis actors, beginning with some dude playing a white boy killer cop and one dead negro name of Floyd...When will the shit show be over..

Spiritually Discerned said...

Obviously all of this chaos will require the United States Assembled which is the Congress, to come up with something that is Necessary and Proper; That benefits the U.S. Assembled.. I wonder what it could be..

Article I Section 8 - Powers of Congress ~ To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

What is "necessary and proper"? Anything they want it to mean. There is no such thing as an unconstitutional law because if it got passed it had to be "necessary and proper".