Thursday, March 12, 2020

USA Completely Botches the Corona Virus Reponse

In a moment I'd like to mention the importance of latex or nitrile gloves.

I would like to give you a little background on today's post. I think you'll find that my training and experience qualify me in a few areas to talk about the completely botched corona virus response by the United States Government and perhaps more importantly, the airline industry. This is a response that has been planned for 3 decades for potential bird flu mutations- so what actually happened is a little shocking. Please bear in mind that all pandemic responses boil down to local governance.

I spent most of my work history in some sort of command structure in a small city police department. A lot of that training included running a command post and yearly incident command schools for various maladies and tragedies, swine flu, bird flu, airplane crashes. These table top discussions and live fire drills were often put on by FEMA with their littany of acronyms. I had additional training through the state for 20 of my 24 years in law enforcement. I also spent several years on the local ambulance service where I gained a healthy respect for the duties performed by EMT's, paramedics, nurses and doctors back in the early days of AIDS. In short I understand a command and control structure and response. We used to drill this regularly in staged incidents although we had a few real incidents- most of them involving property damage caused by floods and fires with no associated loss of life. 

Let's review the normalcy bias. 

Normalcy bias, or normality bias, is a tendency for people to believe that things will always function the way they normally have functioned and therefore to underestimate both the likelihood of a disaster and its possible effects.

People do not like change. They don't want to believe that any event could substantially disrupt their lives. Unfortunately most people have been subjected to scares and panics before- so in addition to the normalcy bias which helps cause inaction, we have an aged cynical group of people who have heard the cry of "wolf" one too many times. So that's the ruling demographic here- a bunch of somewhat cynical people with a normalcy bias.

It was that belief system which I believe has completely botched the US response to the corona virus.

The first known case of CV occurred on Dec. 1 in China. China being China meant that they didn't report too much publicly. Some say they covered it up. By the time I started paying attention to CV it was late January.

There are only two ways for the CV to get to the United States. By ship or airplane. There is no other realistic way.

Thus we needed a coordinated response. We needed a response between airlines, cruise lines, the government, the CDC, and epidemiologists. We didn't get that. People were released without quarantine from ships and airplanes. There was no testing initially. More importantly, airlines refused to give the government information regarding passengers, phone numbers, addresses, and email. Cruise lines were only a little better.

That's where it went bad. The virus isn't going to wait for test kits. It's not going to wait for all of those stakeholders to agree on a response. It's going to walk off ships and planes. Now even if you didn't have a proper test available- you could still quarantine people until you did. Other countries had tests- why not us? Aren't we supposed to be this great nation? Couldn't we locate these people, interview them for the people they contacted, the places they'd been? South Korea did and they are looking pretty well contained right now.

So it's here. Your leaders failed, your corporations failed, the CDC and Public Health agencies failed. If they had gotten out in front of this- I believe the numbers would prove out with far less fatalities, hospitalizations, and drains on our health care systems and economy as a whole.

So now all they can do is watch these numbers soar exponentially and try to mitigate this. That's their plan. President Trump dropped the ball in his public address Wednesday night and markets reeled limit down. Why? He had no credible response for slowing this down. He knew that ship had sailed. And today on ZeroHedge is a picture of Trump next to a man who tested positive for CV. Trump said he is not worried.

Of course he said that. He hasn't cared about this since the beginning. The only coordinated response he has had was talking the FED into cutting rates and throwing a few trillion at the repo markets and trying to slow down the great sell off in world equity and bond markets. What wealthy politicians care about is appearances, material wealth, and getting re-elected. Calm people down. Normalcy bias.

A few weeks ago on my facebook page- I asked people if they were doing anything to prepare for the CV. I had a few responses, most if not all minimizing CV, comparing it to the flu. I on the other hand had done a little prepping including buying a new freezer and stocking up on food. I have enough to last 3 months. I am looking at the big picture and trying to find ways to mitigate exposure because lord knows- if we had to rely on government we'd all be dead.

Which brings me to latex gloves. If I gave you a choice between face masks and rubber gloves- which would you choose?

Unfortunately there are many portals from which the virus can enter your body- but the easiest way is on your hands. CV carriers leave the virus on money, on counter tops, on buffet utensils, on bar tops and glasses, on elevator buttons, door knobs, handrails, and gas pumps.

Social distancing beyond 6 feet would probably work far better than any face mask but the real method of transmission I am worried about is getting the virus on my hands and touching my face, eyes, or mouth, and rubbing it in. With gloves on- the virus is prevented from getting on my hands and when I come home from an outing- I simply pull the gloves off and then wash my hands. If I inadvertently touch my face after that, I'll be ok.

In a responsible sense, we need to take steps to prevent transmitting this to others. I was shocked when I heard that Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz was diagnosed with CV and during a press event- he purposefully touched every networks microphone. I suppose that's the under developed frontal lobe of a 27 year old basketball player. Last night, a man tested positive for CV prior to boarding a JetBlue flight and boarded the plane anyway- disrupting the lives of 100's and potentially infecting them. I noted that today the story changed to say that the man did not get the test results until after he boarded the plane. Whether that's the truth, or some self centered asshole who knew before he boarded- that's what you are up against.

Normalcy bias, complacency, and a self centered public that wants what it wants. These folks are out there.

My wife and I just returned from Las Vegas to find out that a woman from New York had CV and was staying at the Mirage across from our hotel on the strip. Although Las Vegas had no reported cases at the time- I feel a little foolish because I know better. I've seen the poor performance of government first hand and Las Vegas hasn't uttered a peep although millions of tourists from around the globe fly there. They wanted to keep the cloak of plausible deniability intact. (We didn't know the CV was here!)

I am going to socially distance myself and spend time at home. Thankfully I am retired with an income stream. Down below you'l find an excellent, must read link that goes into great detail about the CV. Please take care of yourselves.


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Brian said...

Thanks A86. I can always count on you.

Spiritually Discerned said...

I knew 30 years ago a bunch of fuck ups were running the country. Which is why I quit funding them. I got tired of their dominion mentality. A bunch of psychos with jingle bells going off in their heads living off and bossing on people that actually produce something. A bunch of useless suits standing around acting like king shits without lifting a finger to actually build something, grow some food, pave a road, weave some cloth, frame a building or something their fellow man can actually use. Nope, they deem themselves suited management and administrators when I never met one yet that was qualified to tie my shoe. Worse they can't tell the difference between fake news fake history nor fake science. The devil owns this shit show. Now Hailey has Barney Fife for their Police Chief proud as hell of his shield resembling the locust from the bottomless pit. Now they've got a great problem in the reactionary phase.. I just can't wait to find out how much the fucken solution is gonna cost everyone. Keep that in mind, these same geniuses will have a solution for this mess.. More money and more power for them most likely..


Spiritually Discerned said...

Or they didn't botch anything and it's unfolding perfectly...

Spiritually Discerned said...

Imagine if you will that you lived in a country where the implications of jurisdiction, property and assets that all citizens people worked hard towards trying to improve their lot, are legally used as ‘collateral’ for the inevitable economic failure to pay the national debt caused by the societies so called representatives acting as public office holders. The lands, the houses, the cars, the bank accounts, the safety deposit boxes or whatever property the citizens thought belonged to them, is legally collateral; and that includes each man woman and child, known as human resources, thus property and their future generations also considered to be property, are all liable for the National Artificial Debt. And the legal term as constitutors made them all liable.. Worse they believed they were a free people… You might be living in the Twilight Zone..

Imagine if you will these monsters realized the entire society were on the verge of awakening and realizing what has been done to them..

I wonder what they'd do... They remind me of a story i once herd an old LEO tell, about a car load of hispanics and a dropped drivers license.. He did not bend down because he knew what they'd do..

I wonder why this crime I've described is any different...

Spiritually Discerned said...

Imagine if you will the military and police kept jumping through the hoops written up by bankers and lawyers.. You might realize then that you're fucked...

Chris said...

Aussie here,
I guess the older I get (71 now) the more Govt's do stuff things up so well.

Govt's get bigger and bigger, but they do not or will not answer to the public tax payers.
More laws are passed and passed, most with great disregard to what they are doing, following party politics games.
Our liberties are gone it by bit, something that is ok to do today well tomorrow it's against the law.

I have seen the best of music the freedom of riding my motorcycle with out a helmet, driving with no seat belts, riding my pushbike with no helmet and guess what, I and many others of my era are still alive we survived, yes common sense counts for a lot.
Take Care.

Spiritually Discerned said...

What a great way to gloss over a banking collapse that was irrefutably way past due.. Perfect.. Come up with something every human host body has inside of it and call it a novel=new something and have a nice convenient pandemic..The Almighty Lord God wasn't kidding when he said we would be surrounded by scorpions. That he would put us in amongst wolves who would do anything to deceive us.. The corona CROWN virus is certainly all around us in this place.

My joke for the day;
You can still depend on the U.S. and it's satellite Estates for reliable, unbiased legal historical and even scientific information…

Have a nice laugh..

Greg.. Somebody tell Barney Fife to get real job..

Spiritually Discerned said...
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Spiritually Discerned said...

This is 911 How may we help you.. ha ha.. Calling The Angel of the Bottomless Pit for help because the neighbor sneezed..

Revelations 9:11 They had a King over them...

I know I know, you natural mans don't get it..

I hope you get IT soon though..TIME TO QUIT snoozing..