Thursday, February 9, 2017

We Have Every Right To Protect Our Borders

Spinning the truth into lies. The new media business model.

For those of you who think President Trump's travel ban is unprecedented- please read on.

Last Friday Donald Trump signed a travel ban from seven middle eastern countries. What I have done here is included a news piece from CNN- I've done that so that you can see how CNN shades the truth by stating that the travel ban includes seven "predominately Muslim" nations.

A few years ago, I got embroiled in a rather nasty back and forth with a liberal atheist- who otherwise quite educated- was defending followers of Islam. Our argument ground to a halt when I asked her if she knew the history of Mohammad the child rapist- or if she had ever read the Quran. Had she lied- I most certainly was prepared to offer a pop quiz on the spot. Instead she opted out of the argument, I suspect because she realized she was on the verge of completely exposing her ignorance of the subject matter.

For those of you who do not know the history of Mohammad the architect of Islam, people who have not read the Quran, folks who do not know what Sharia Law entails, or how the Muslim religion treats women, infidels, and non believers- you need to educate yourselves right now before you utter one peep or opinion about a subject you know nothing about.

Here is an eye opening piece with references listed at the may find it quite distasteful.

If you do educate yourselves on the subject- you will begin to see Islam for what it is and let me just say this... An objective look will leave you in awe. If this is the word of God, we are all in a lot of trouble.

Every country in the world has the right to protect their borders and they do. Wars have been waged over borders since the beginning of time. Interestingly enough, every war I can think of involves those things that we all find most distasteful. Politics and religion. Taboo subjects in many homes.

Think of your property boundaries as your own little country. Imagine if I told you that not only could I enter your property at will but that I had every right to do so and you could do nothing to stop it. Not only that but that you must allow me to use the property as I wish- to feed, clothe, worship, and provide medical help for me as the need arose.

This of course is insane. In America, where the rule of law once existed, you'd be prosecuted for trespassing or subjected to the barrel of a gun.

Why then would people find immigrants, both legal and illegal, entitled to enter our country? Are we under some contractual obligation to provide food and shelter to anyone who wants to come here? Do foreign nationals have rights which trump our very own citizen's rights to a safe and peaceful existence? Are we obligated to let anyone in?

The answer is no. It has always been no.

In fact at times,  it has been hell no. Our very own government some 75 years ago- found it wise to lock up 140000 Japanese Americans who were already legal citizens. That is the penultimate travel ban. There was not one peep of dissent back then when FDR- the democrat- issued his executive order. No CNN to criticize the President for locking up 140000 Americans who were primarily Christian and Buddhists.

We have every right in America to demand and expect an orderly and lawful immigration process. Just because two or three Presidents chose to break the law and import a slave labor force for their business cronies does not make our immigration law null and void. In fact, I would submit to you that President Trump's travel ban is precisely what the role of government is supposed to entail. It is the only reason we have government in the first place.

To protect the safety of our own citizens. That includes our property, our infrastructure, and our civil rights. It has always been that way.


PeterE said...

If only Trump had the ability to explain things the way you do...

Chakracon said...

My dear Brian. As a former Republican I am now a 'Libtard', and cannot imagine a dumber thing on the planet than a Republican. Facts just do not impress them. Your brilliance is wasted on this literary justification. There are already effective vetting measures in place. There is already an effective immigration policy in place. Tweek them - improve upon them - sure! Create hysteria, make up stories to justify a position or executive action, knee jerk behaviors... the list goes on, and it is ALL UNACCEPTABLE. No twists of intelligence can justify this new administration - an election illegitimate and assisted by Russia. Treason comes to mind. All attempts to do so have been found feeble, at best, in my estimation. Not impressed by an intellect which cannot adjust to new and comprehensive information and viewpoints. Here is a tidbit of truth: bigotry is the height of ignorance. Nova comes to mind... such a waste of a potentially brilliant mind and Spirit lost in black hatred and fear. These are insanity, as we can witness here. These is no mental, physical, or spiritual, health in that dark space of ignorance, fear, and hatred. A large group (alt right) of our nation is proving to be mentally and spiritually ill, and profoundly ignorant. Sorry. Trump is unsatisfactory. As a Conservative, have you checked out Evan McMullen? Now, this man is quality with a brain. You will like him, and he won't get us all killed! 😂😂😂 Peace - Lisa

Brian said...

I have missed you L. Thanks for swinging by.


Compleat Patriot said...

Yeah Brian, stop with the nonsense would ya.. I mean come on what could possibly go wrong with being loving, tolerant and laying down our arms and accepting defeat, oops I mean the terms of our surrender via the white flag waving leftist infidels who don't want to get us all killed by defending ourselves from obvious destruction.. Islam would never dream of over populating this place and throwing all of us under it.. Never..

Compleat Patriot said...

I was thinking again.. If only these u.s. citizens had read the Law Of Nations Trump would not need to explain anything to any of them..

blurred said...

Our borders and culture made us one of the most successful countries in history.

Sweden went down the shitter because they were too PC to openly speak and identify the problem. Now Sweden is the rape capital of Europe. Their crime rates have skyrocketed. Germany is also a mess. Brexit had a lot to do with this's astounding those on the far left refuse to see it for what it is.

blurred said...

double mess fail ;)

Compleat Patriot said...

"Friends, in regards to the presidential victory of Donald Trump, we wanted to ask our brothers—the fuqaha [jurists of Islamic law], the ulema [scholars of Islam]—that, if this man who has on more than one occasion announced that he doesn’t want Muslims … were to coerce, through the power of arms, the greater majority of Muslims living in America … to become Christians, or else that they pay jizya, or else that he takes over their homes, kills their men and enslaves their women and girls, and sells them on slave markets. If he were to do all this, would he be considered a racist and a terrorist or not? Of course, I’m just hypothesizing, and know that the Bible and its religion do not promote such things, but let’s just assume: Would he be a racist or not? Would he be a terrorist or not? How then [when one considers] that we have in our Islamic jurisprudence, which you teach us, and tell us that all the imams have agreed that the Islamic openings [i.e., conquests] are the way to disseminate Islam? This word “openings” we must be sensitive to it! The Islamic openings mean swords and killing. The Islamic openings, through which homes, castles, and territories were devastated, these … [are part of] an Islam which you try to make us follow. So I wonder O sheikh, O leader of the Islamic center in NY, would you like to see this done to your wife and daughter? Would you—this or that sheikh—accept that this be done to your son, that your daughter goes to this fighter [as a slave], your son to this fighter, a fifth [of booty] goes to the caliph and so forth? I mean, isn’t this what you refer to as the Sharia of Allah? … So let’s think about things in an effort to discern what’s right and what’s wrong."---Dr. Ahmed Abu Maher, a researcher and political activist

"Maher is referring to history’s Islamic conquests, which in Muslim tradition are referred to in glorious terms, as “openings” (futuhat) for the light of Islam to shine through. For centuries, Muslim armies invaded non-Muslim territories, giving the inhabitants three choices: either convert to Islam, or else pay jizya (tribute money) and accept third class status as a “humbled” dhimmi (see Koran 9:29), or else face the sword, death, and slavery. "

Nothing has changed in 1900 years except the propaganda used to allow Islam's infiltration of the west.. When there are enough Muslims here the Leftists are gonna learn it..

blurred said...

1900 years? 1400 yo religion.

Anonymous said...

Nice links to brain food. I've been posting in the comments in the local paper and am a bigot, come to find out. Who knew?

Shoban Illiterati