Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mike Pompeo, Kansas Rep, Receives Tongue Lashing From Yours Truly

I have to quit watching television. Some years a land not so far away...

The founding fathers came up with this document called the Constitution with an accompanying document called the Bill of Rights. I think it's safe to say the documents came about as a result of all of the human history which pre-dated it's origin including the Magna Carta and it's material demise. Indeed, the Constitution and Revolutionary War came about as a result of a King still rendering taxes on those which had fled his rule.

Today while watching CNBC, I witnessed a Kansas Representative, Mike Pompeo, on national television lecturing those watching on why Apple had no right to impede the FBI and the federal governments' never ending intrusions into our lives. You see, folks like Pompeo don't get it. They don't understand that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the law of the land. In their minds, Congressmen can simply ignore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It's as though it doesn't apply to them and they are free of those constraints.

Moreover, as they go about their business of ignoring inconvenient laws they install freedom stripping laws in their place- laws like the Patriot Act.

So today's speech on CNBC consisted of Pompeo telling the uninformed, small fry in America why it was acceptable to suspend the 4th amendment. You know that amendment, the one which states we will be from free from unlawful search and seizure without due process.

Of course, the CNBC interviewers never bring up the 4th amendment nor did Representative Pompeo. It's an inconvenient fact or truth in America- that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were taught to all of us. In fact, learning about the Constitution is still a part of becoming a citizen. I guess everyone has forgotten it or maybe they think, the Constitution has an expiration date. The ironic part, the part that always makes me shake my head- is when I observe elected Congressmen who swear an oath to protect the Constitution and then set about the task of engineering laws- which subsequently violate it.

You did a helluva job today Mike.

So after listening to Pompeo rant about why Apple has no business hindering the Federal government in it's quest to search and seize data from our phones- I got a little miffed. I looked up Pompeo's email. Here's what happened.

Pompeo has a website which attempts to restrict email from anyone other than his "constituents." I suppose Congressmen can do this and provide any number of excuses for limiting access. I am kind of ok with that if you are a state legislator- only working on state laws which effect Kansas residents.
However, when you are elected to Congress- the rules change. Now you are originating and voting on legislation which effects all of us. You are also making appearances on national television and bloviating to the bourgeoisie by telling us how we should think. That level of ego and arrogance is just one of the many reasons why Congress has the worst approval rate in history.

So I had to tell one lie. I said I lived in Wichita and I grabbed a zipcode and I wrote Mr. Pompeo an email. In it, I outlined the 4th amendment and I also mentioned the cowardly nature of an email filter which would protect a Kansas legislator from emails from a concerned Idaho resident- concerned because Pompeo clearly forgot about the Constitution while riding high for the FBI.

So here's your constitutional refresher Mike, just in case you have forgotten what it says.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

So maybe Mike, the cops can just get a search warrant like they HAVE always had to do.

I imagined as a Police Chief that it would have been nice to limit all the tourists from contacting me and rendering their opinions over the years. "I'm sorry ma'am you are from the Bay Area and do not pay property taxes here. I am so busy that I only have enough time to talk to local residents" as I handed her back her California driver's license.

It's time people. It's time to take responsibility for these ego maniacs we keep electing and it's time to hold their feet to the fire.

Or it's not. Perhaps we should just surrender the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and let these people render it useless.

I swore to uphold the Constitution once. I don't remember that oath having an expiration date but maybe it did. Or maybe guys like Mike just don't take oaths anymore. Maybe one day the press can ask the appropriate questions- ya know if it dawns on them- and maybe one day I'll get to hear an appropriate answer. Gawd it's mind numbing.

Politics done right, is just civil compromise. Done wrong, it's deceitful, harmful propaganda. It would be nice to see it done right again.


Gary said...

Good article.

Brian said...

Thanks Gary.

Compleat Patriot said...

Well all they had to do was slip in that Necessary And Proper Clause into the cotus and whatever they decide is necessary and proper is constitutionally valid. And they did that so much for over two hundred years how the hell ya gonna alter that?

And then that piece in the 4th about "probable cause", thats been easy, just keep redefining probable cause to mean whatever they want and they're walking into your house through the fking key hole..

Hmmm.. Makes a fellow wonder what is so imperfect about the Ten Commandments followed up by Yeshua's Two Commandments of, Love Your CREATOR GOD above all else and love your brothers as yourself.. That men thought they needed a Bill of Rights Peace treaty attached to a tyrannical COTUS.. Because if we're all going to fk it on the twelve how does the alternative survive? Obviously is does not as it was a fraud all along, and umm, well uh, the original RIGHTS FOR ALL MEN is still standing there unchanged for all time..

Love the LAW of your CREATOR above all else, and Love your brother your brother as you love yourself... That right there is the concept that makes all men equal... Because all men obeying those laws are treating one another equally..

So the COTUS and that other mumbo jumbo is all sedition against the real law preserving the freewill of men, acting in obedience of the real law..

So when seditionists call people that hate their legalese crap seditionists I just start laughing..

Compleat Patriot said...

Bill of Rights

"the opponents of ratification soon made the ab- sence of a bill of rights a major argument, 4 and some friends of the document, such as Jefferson,5 strongly urged amendment to in clude a declaration of rights.6 Several state conventions ratified while urging that the new Congress to be convened propose such amendments, 124 amendments in all being put forward by these States."

I have the 124 in a book here. Those opponents of ratification were the anti federalists.. Including Patrick Henry who stated the COTUS gave the Prez the powers of a King.. They pushed for the Bill of Rights, which I call a treaty with the COTUS and the Devil..

Brian said...

You make an excellent point, Greg. There is no point in having any document wherein we can simply change it at will.

Everything or nothing can be necessary and proper. I shall ask the great legal mind, Publius Huldah- who unlike our President- really is a Constitutional scholar.

Compleat Patriot said...
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Compleat Patriot said...

Man was granted a perfect and simple peace treaty. These alternatives that are the imaginations of the human mind are all tricks causing men to give up and forget what they had in the first place.. freewill.

Free-will is man’s nature and anything that ‘imposes’ on that Free-will amounts to slavery.
Free-will is man’s make-up, it is the way he is made, he is made to have Free-will. It is natural.
Our Personal Contract with nature’s Cause is understood to mean that we have The Authority of
Freewill to do as we freely choose, in so far as we cause no harm or injury to others and their property, nor
behave in a reckless manner as to risk causing injury to the well-being of others.

Tyranny is the absence of freewill that maybe arrived at through the threat of violence, violence or coercive and or psychological means.

Brian said...

Read this, very good.

Compleat Patriot said...

Publius has truth mixed with untruth. That COTUS only lasted seven years because they suspended it. War Powers Act. The Articles of Confederation were removed before that time because the Colonies were defaulting on the 1783 Peace agreement made in Paris where the agreement stated the King of England would be refunded for his war debt and initial investment. We have never possessed allodial title since that time. We were placed under fee simple, use of the land only tenant status.. And the myth that the COTUS is ours is just that, myth. It is a compact. They were "sovereigns", they drew it up and they signed it. "We The People" specifically means them. And "Our Posterity" means a direct bloodline.. If one is not a scholar of the Law of Nations one is not a scholar of the COTUS.. Because when those signatories established that COTUS they referenced the Law Nations extensively all through out it. And why did the Family of Nations approve the COTUS in Paris? Why did the King of England finally recognize and except this baby empire into the Family of Nations? Because the signatories based their sovereignty and their commitment together to responsibly act upon their right of self determination. They were the Americans. All others on the land were still British subjects and still are to this day. I suggest reading the Law of Nations, The War Powers Act by Whiting, and America Is Still A British Colony by Montgomery. There are several Supreme Court Cases supporting what I've just said here. We have been led to believe our rights are connected with their created corporation so that we would fight to sustain it for them. As Edmond Burke admitted in his Speech on conciliation with America, pages 71-72 March 22 1775. I've been reading COTUS "scholars" for over thirty years now. Now maybe the Colonies, the Estates were refusing to honor that debt because they recognized it for what it was, a fraudulent debt. And a financial scheme to foreclose on what had been won.. Which is the case, Britain Foreclosed on America.

Compleat Patriot said...

Read this, very accurate;

This history is verified in an old American school book of the 1950s known as the Encyclopedia of American History. Edited by Richard B. Morris professor of History Columbia University.

Compleat Patriot said...

Oh yeah, I should add that Adam Smiths The Wealth of Nations and Gustavus Myers The Great American Fortunes plays into all of this.

Compleat Patriot said...

I don't want to get shot nine times so I sent my ransom money off today to the RICO establishment. Good for another year.

Compleat Patriot said...

“The people who own the country ought to govern it.”~John Jay

(Frank Monaghan, John Jay, chapter 15, p. 323 (1935). According to Monaghan, this “was one of his favorite maxims.”)

“Those who own the country ought to govern it.” These words were spoken by John Jay, at the Constitutional convention in Philadelphia. It expresses the sentiments of many Americans, both then and now. It expresses a sentiment that grows virulent in an environment where human worth is reduced to a numerical coefficient enabling some to amass an advantage at the expense of others. Let’s not forget that the same men who wrote about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, were reconciled to owning slaves. They belonged to a class society where it was a foregone conclusion that power and wealth were the property of an established oligarchy. That the Jeffersonian vision of democracy was an agrarian based affair intended more as a consolidation of power than an egalitarian reform. The Constitution is a cleverly crafted instrument of control created to insure that power remained in the hands of a certain segment of society. What appears on the surface as safeguards for our liberty are manacles shackling our freedom more securely than any totalitarian regime. We act as if our founding fathers were infallible when they were acting with the same self-interest at heart as today’s investment bankers and insurance companies.

Brian said...

Of course they were acting in their own self interest- they also had the most to lose. The founders, like them or not, were the leaders of their day. You don't see U of I grads on the Supreme Court- even though they learn the exact same procedure and case law as Harvard grads. Is that bullshit? Of course it is- but that is the world we have created.

I have always said that about Thomas "all men are created equal except my slaves" Jefferson.

So this is where you and I always disagree. The document they created- if it were preserved and enforced as they spelled out in the Federalist papers- was the the very best that they could come up- just as the Magna Carta 550 years earlier.

The world changes. That's the problem with laws and the Constitution. They are rulebooks for how the game is played and the game keeps changing. Think about football, how savagely it used to be played, goalposts in the middle of the endzone, no 2 point conversions, etc. It is an evolving sport.

So the ruling elite came up with the Constitution. Who else was going to write it? The illiterate blacksmith? No. The best and brightest wrote it- and thank gawd for that. 250 years worth of shitty rulings, bad precedent, a central bank which should have never been allowed, and a nanny society bent on stealing the work product of industrious people and giving it to lazy fuckers- and we have the mess that we have.

That isn't the founders fault. And it ain't our fault. That's just the way that it is. In the end- mob rule democracy seeks and gets what it wants- and the ruling mob is winning- spearheaded by the same elite bastards that ran the country 250 years ago.

So what's your point, G? You're right- they don't let the plumbers or the cops write the rules- they never have. That doesn't mean the rules suck- it just means that society isn't about to let guys like us write the law of the land? Could we do as good or better? Probably- but ain't nobody gonna risk that.


Compleat Patriot said...
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Compleat Patriot said...

Remove the coercion and the confusion. Don't suppress the truth. Which is what they did which cost a lot of people their lives. Which is Biblical, no forcing participation in the various unjust taxations which have been presented us over our lifetimes. In your case you're ticked about the health care taxation, and justifiably so. In my case I've always been ticked off about the property taxation issue which proves we don't own real property because as soon as we can't pay the property tax the real owner throws us off the property, proving this has never been a free system practicing freewill. So could a properly educated with truth society taught to love their brother as they love themselves be profitably industrious and not as destructive to our environment while then being charitable when a just cause requires charity, and love? So the best system was ignored, rebelled against for this man made system, of hate your brother and love your mammon, greed. I'll toss in here one other thing that bugs me, how about an honest language? This language we all use is deceptive by intent. And they don't let the dumb plumbers, and the stupid cops make the laws, well maybe they should have because like you I'm not real impressed with the job the lawyers controlled by the bankers controlled by the priests of RA have done.. Maybe some dumb guys should be in charge, hey read this page below written by an old rodeo boy and then get back to me.. In the case of this model he presents how would law enforcement function? Because there would still be crime, only I'm betting a lot less.

Read this

Brian said...

Good link and of course I agree.

We'll know this fucker is really cooked if the Free Shit Army comes out and wins the election with the communist or the the point you can stick a fork in us...we cannot overcome all of the shit policies of Bush-Bush-Clinton-Obama. Never have I seen such horrible leadership. One more and I think we are completely fucked- there will be no coming back. I think we can safely ex-patriate and I don't think Trump is any better although I consider him sort of a wildcard.

Compleat Patriot said...

Just be extremely cautious with any ex-patriate processes. I know of two that are legal. One using International law via the U.N. and the other method dealing directly with the vatican. But if they can they will take your money. Because they look at that as theirs. And remember, it has their name on it. Leaving here with their money is difficult. Whenever a society begins to allow other men to define what their rights are, obviously nothing good comes of it and that defining moment originates with their granting us their definitions of civil rights. I often wonder if pioneers heading west into wilderness recognized what was taking place in the eastern estates and left there seeking real freedom.

I don't watch the political spectacle because its all BS. I do glance at it occasionally and my impression has been that Trump is campaigning for Hitlary. Maybe it's between them and then Trump easily takes the popular vote, and the other vote slam dunks Hitlary into the POTUS job.. That sure would piss off several people, including leftists that are voting Trump.. We can it getting Trumped..

Compleat Patriot said...

call it getting Trumped.