Sunday, November 15, 2015

Life, or Sometimes Death, In Moderation- The Sunday Collage

Today I want to talk  little bit about the rise of extremism and intolerance. The idea was brought to me courtesy of a statement by a political candidate who believes abortion under all circumstances- including rape or incest- should be illegal. (Carson) Very often this position is taken by religious zealots who believe that somehow instances of rape and incest are examples of "God's will" and that a subsequent birth despite the criminal circumstances that led to the conception- were somehow ordained by our creator.

Indeed, I have friends who read this blog and who agree with that position. I am ok with that and I'll explain why in a bit. 

If I've learned one thing over the years, I think it would have to be that life should almost always be done in moderation. The needle should hang around the middle of the gauge. When an issue becomes extreme- the people promoting extreme views become unstable and downright dangerous. People adhering to extremes cannot accept the idea that moderation and tolerance for the views of others is the proper approach. Instead they think that they have been singularly pre-ordained and programmed by God himself with all of the correct answers. God in his infinite wisdom apparently forgot to tell the millions of people practicing abortion that it should be illegal. So today I thought I'd discuss a few issues where people tend to come off the rails with extremism. So let's take a random walk through a myriad of examples first of moderation and then extremism.

I have a friend who can smoke one cigarette in the morning and one cigarette at night. She has been doing this for 30 years. Smoking in moderation. I can't do it but she does.

People who can drink once in awhile, take it or leave it style, or perhaps a drink a day are said to be "moderate" drinkers- meaning I suppose, that their drinking does not cause the rest of us harm. In other words- it's not extreme.

There are folks who go to church once or twice a week. They practice their own beliefs in private and they do not use casual conversations to promote their beliefs or diminish the beliefs of others. In other words, they live their lives with respect for others.

My favorite group of people and you will meet damn few of them- are those that practice tolerance for others and engage in moderation at all times. Very often you will hear others refer to them as "nice people" because they do not offend anyone. Of the thousands of people I have known, I can honestly say I have only met two or three people like this. I had the very pleasant opportunity to work for one- unfortunately his working life and ultimate termination came about as a result of an extremist held completely hostage by ego.

We both worked for the same woman, a gal who once told me that she enjoyed "firing" people. Firing people is an example of extremism. You don't fire people because your ego enjoys it and therefore you must satiate that need- you fire people when you have exhausted all of your intermediate remedies- and thus terminating a person becomes your last recourse. So it was, this woman fired my boss who was effective while practicing life in moderation, primarily because he would not practice her brand of extremism.

We were once a very nurturing society, particularly in small towns and rural areas. In those settings people are forced to be courteous to each other because they interact very frequently. I understood this well. The ticket you write today might be to the mechanic or doctor you will need tomorrow. Often people in small towns attend the same churches and functions. People help each other in rural settings. I feel grateful for those who helped me.

The idea of a caring, nurturing, tolerant society is completely lost in the big city. I believe that. Occasionally there are random acts of kindness in the city but in small town America- helping others or taking time to help others simply because you care- happens every day.

This week in Paris, ISIS attacked and killed a hundred innocent people.

Islam is extremism. I want to believe that people should be free to worship and support the religion of their choice. The problem with Islam, Sharia law, and the Quran is that they support extremism and intolerance of others. That is why I have often thought that Islam is not a religion but rather a spiritually sick philosophy founded by a self declared prophet 600 years after the time of Christ. The other problem with Islam is that while I have studied it a bit and I have read the Quran- most non Muslims have not. If you want a hateful, exclusionary God- then Islam is the way to go.

I am about to introduce to you the concept of killing human beings in moderation.

Killing a person is probably the worst thing human beings do. Yet there are times when it becomes acceptable or at the very least, unavoidable. Killing people in the defense of your life or intervening when someone else is about to be killed are the only times when killing someone is acceptable. That was what I was taught and unless you've been trained specifically to kill someone or are in that business- I think most people generally don't think about it. It's just not something they need to think about but they should. The extremists are growing in number.

My brand of killing in moderation does not require state executions or dropping bombs on brown people.

Ben Carson does not adhere to the idea of abortion in moderation or in certain circumstances. He quite clearly is a Christian adherent to the idea that all births are "God's will" and that all potential babies should be born. I understand that and Carson may actually be practicing his brand of life in moderation. What's he going to do? Reverse the Supreme Court? Not likely. If that is Carson's brand of extremism, the one where the innocents get a chance, I can live with that too. Either way, I'm not too worried about his position.

I miss small town America and civics classes. I miss helping people and having them help me. Here in the big city, it's just another dog eat dog environment. I don't even know my neighbors. Practicing life in moderation has been hard for a guy like me. But I'm getting better.


Anonymous said...

A couple things

I think if we were to ask any baby about to aborted(which is of course impossible), no matter what ever the circumstances they were going to face after birth, I don't believe one of them would say, ahhh, mom is a crack head, no dad and I'll be living in Section 8 housing growing up, they'd say, fuck it, kill me.

I think almost 60 MILLION murdered dead babies is a karmic bill that is coming due even as I write this-look around Brian, we're living in a cultural sewer and leading the nightmare on parade is the sick REgressive celebration of abortion.

Am I going to start killing doctors that perform abortions? Of course not, it's pointless because we have a culture that not only condones abortion but sells t-shirts where woman can proclaim how proud they are they are that have had one. Simply put, a culture that allows the killing of these babies, and at times selling their body parts!!!, is destained for the ash heap of history. I mean, what's the big deal running up 200 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities(lies) when you're killing a couple million babies every year?

So there's that.

Your comments about small towns are spot on. Moved from Denver in 2001 and have lived in several small towns since and they keep getting smaller and I love it-big cities are convenient but far too cold. And dangerous.

It's funny now, but going into Midland(pop.~100,000) entails strapping up-knife and gun!- and hell…it's Midland!

Compleat Patriot said...

Yep abortion is genocide. The murder of the most vulnerable.

And ISIS like Al Qaeda and various other Islamo-facist terrorist groups are British SIS-CIA-Mossad playing games for the benefit man of sin sitting in Rome seeking Global dominance over mankind. Temporal Authority. Once they have dominion over all of us they won't hold it long.

I'm sorry you can't seem to connect the dots.

Compleat Patriot said...

Intolerance of the truth.

WHETHER OR NOT it’s appropriate for a literary agent to write his client’s Foreword, I don’t know. If I’m breaking the rules here, well, this is a rule-breaking book. Example. During last spring’s Book expo in Los Angeles, I agently introduced my client, Tupper Saussy, to one of New York’s most unshockable publishing executives. As Tupper articulately summarized Rulers of Evil for him, I personally witnessed the brow of this fearless executive develop a twitch. I saw him actually gulp. With my own ears I heard him say, “This is a little too extreme for us.”The twitch developed as Tupper was saying “the Roman Catholic Church really does run the world, including the United States government, and this is openly declared in monuments and emblems and insignia as well as official documents...” By the time Tupper calmly reached his payoff – “And this is good, because it’s divinely ordained” – the exec was staring into space.

Brian said...

I believe that. I also believe the influence of the Vatican is ginormous- right down to them deciding to edit out 50 or so books from the Bible because it didn't suit them. A lot of evil flows from "religions." It appears the Catholics have now been upstaged by the new fanatics- the followers of Islam.

Compleat Patriot said...

Brian you might find this of interest; The PDF is there and a transcript of a radio broadcast with Greg Anthony and Tupper.

Tupper's message is not to go to war against them. Mock, them ridicule them like Yeshua did, but no war against them. I've been through the research. Particularly the legal historical aspect of it all. They are a corporation, and they control all corporations underneath them. Government is a corporation. Federal means corporate.. They own the laws of man. Even the common law and the COTUS. The COTUS most of us are familiar with only lasted seven years. We've been under War Powers ever since. Patrick Henry spoke of this COTUS issue which makes the president a King. So for example when i was foolishly running that silly plate years ago I was going to war against them. The sovereign man, the sovereign citizen, the freemen or freeman groups are all going to war against them. Falsely claiming rights to their intellectual property. "We The People" was them, the signatories of those documents. And our "Posterity" legally meant a specific bloodline. Not you, not me, not the average man on the land. It's Mystery Babylon. The Whore, being an unfaithful bride against our maker, riding the back, controlling, the Beast governments. Kingdoms here. Anyway, I have 2500 pages of case law showing their ownership. Their American Cannon Law. Their Elements of Ecclesiastical law.. So and so forth..

Thinking themselves wise in their rebellion they are mere fools.. Unfortunately. I feel sorry for em..

Compleat Patriot said...

I want to mention one other thing.

Our wealth. Ok, we have paper and hard assets. We worked very hard for those. In our minds those assets belong to us. We'd likely fight over them. So here's the deal. They have legalese that say's those assets are not ours and that they can confiscate those assets anytime they so choose.

Crazy eh? lol...

It's like the paper. Can you find your name on it anywhere? Nope. Did we use their paper to purchase our hard assets? Yep..

Thanks lawyers and bankers..