Saturday, July 4, 2015

What A Patriot Is...

and what it is not, from Robert Reich.

You should read this link closely. This is the kind of garbage posted routinely on Huffington Post. It is printed not because it is true or authentic- but because it is written by someone with all the proper liberal credentials.

I don't like Robert Reich. I consider him a statist and a socialist who votes all things liberal. He's enjoyed a silver spooned Ivy League education and he teaches at places like Harvard and UC Berkeley, home of Mr. Yellen. In short, Robert Reich is a socialist who has spent the vast majority of his life writing books on theory and feeding at the government trough.

Oddly enough, Reich's education does not qualify him as an expert on patriotism. The odd thing about ego maniacs and over achievers is that once they have been conferred with all kinds of academic honors- somehow they think they become experts on everything. Reich is no exception.

Which leads me back to Reich's definition of what a patriot is. Patriots, according to Reich's definition, are nice obedient workers who pay their taxes. You should also according to Reich's definition, support your government no matter how deceptive, dishonest, or criminal it has become. You should work from within, accomplishing nothing, while unrepresentative government shines the boots of corporate America and the oligarchy and steals as much as they can from you.

You see, we should support a government which passes bills without reading them, a government which encourages employees (Holder) to look the other way on the vast amounts of fraud committed by the criminal banking cabal. A government which authorizes gun sales to criminal, foreign murderers and covers up the deaths of patriots like Brian Terry. We should support the Federal Reserve which has manipulated and destroyed our money system, we should support a Secretary of State who allowed Benghazi employees to be murdered and then lied about the origins of that. A Secretary of State who has accepted countless foreign bribes and pocketed them. A Secretary of State who has obstructed justice while obliterating tens of thousands of emails bought and paid for, alas owned by, the citizens of this country.

Reich dated Hillary once. In the end, all things always tend to make sense.

With all due respect Robert Reich, you talk about patriotism like you know what that is. My definition of patriotism comes from patriots- those people with credible experience. People who were killed and wounded. People putting it on the line. Not people like you postulating about the theory of patriotism.

A patriot loves his country and realizes that it is his responsibility to hold government accountable. A patriot is honest and authentic. He does not condone immoral or illegal conduct from his government. In fact he knows the greatest single threat to freedom comes from his own government. A patriot believes in the Republic not the democracy. A patriot understands that the rights of the minority should be protected from the whims of the majority. He believes in the rule of law, not the rule of men. A patriot will die to protect his fellows. He marches into battle because he does not fear his death- believing instead that the next life will be better. In short and noticeably exclusive, I have never known a great patriot who was an atheist. It is an odd observation- one which surely must have it's exceptions- that most of the great patriots throughout history were Christians. Faith has always been the great enemy of fear.

Patriotism doesn't have a fucking thing to do with paying taxes or supporting criminals. I am so sick of "credentialed" people telling the rest of us "less thans" where that bear shits in the woods- as though kissing some Ivy League ass for a few years entitles you to become an expert on the subject of patriotism and tell the rest of us how to be good citizens. The statist version of patriotism always requires some blind obedience to leadership which has gone off the rails. You can bet the masses who once worshipped Hitler were once thought of as great patriots.

In short, it takes an actual, authentic patriot to define what a patriot is. With all due respect Robert Reich, you don't have the proper credentials.

Not so long ago.


Guy Daley said...

Any patriot would agree. Uncle Fraud is constantly trotting out credentialed people telling us what we should think and believe.

I don't know why you should end it with, "all due respect Robert Reich". Why does he deserve any respect. He's a charlatan, a government stooge. He knows where his bread is buttered so what do you expect him to say?

Also, people in the military AREN'T PATRIOTS. They are cannon fodder. You can only get young and inexperienced people to volunteer for the perpetual war that does more good for the Military Defense Complex than it does for Americans.

Anonymous said...

The 4th is a day to ponder how Uncle Fraud has ripped us off...and
all the minions who helped. Mark Twain had it all too correct...

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government
when it deserves it. - Mark Twain

The "government"has deserved no such thing since the Federal Reserve
was created through fraud in 1913...

Anonymous said...

If you or any of your readers want a condensed overview of
the truth, please spend one hour of your time and get the
truth of how the system really works. Hosted by Woody Harrelson,
my definition of a patriot.

Brian said...

I watched about half of the presentation.

I don't think anybody other than myself- has read all 2000 blogs I have posted on this site. That video captures a lot of what I have written over the years and I didn't find anything on it to be very fresh- nor disagreeable.

It's funny and inaccurate, but after CHEERS, it's still hard for me to take Woody seriously.


Anonymous said...

“The duty of a Patriot is to protect his country from its government.” – Thomas Paine

Sorry Brian, but I can't stand the self righteous motherfucker and won't spend a minute reading his bullshit.

I seem to waste enough time at Common Dreams trying to get one of these REgressives to concede a point.

Brian said...

It's funny how the lines have been blurred. Leftists think that supporting government is patriotic- even as they steal half our income and infringe on our rights to happiness and privacy. It's a shitty definition- thankfully the liberals don't write the dictionary- at least not yet.