Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What Is Happening in Precious Metals?

Every one of us who own precious metals have been subjected to one of the most manipulated bear markets of all time. If you are somewhat emotionally normal, the damage has been intense. Like many of you- I have lost credibility with friends and family.

While a share of that sexy, growth stock Whirlpool fiddles around at nearly 200 bucks- the price of silver has been cut nearly 70% since the April '11 highs.

On message boards everywhere- PM owners are disgusted, frustrated, and angry. Never have they seen so much worthless fiat currency masquerading as "money."  Debt levels are obscene. The PM bear has entered it's 5th year. It's almost over. We have one last, blood in the streets phase to endure- it's playing out right now and I expect it to get worse and wash out the last, weak hands in the early fall.

A little over a month ago, I bookmarked the page of a guy who makes a lot of sense to me. In fact, I actually sold a little gold around 1220 based on what he said and I am expecting to buy it back around 950-1050 level and add more. I believe silver will sink to 12 and present the best buying opportunity of my life.

We only have about 7 more weeks worth of carnage. Here's that bookmarked page from Gary Savage. So far he's been dead on.


Anonymous said...

If he has been 'dead-on', why didn't he see the crash coming back in 2011-12?

Brian said...

Maybe he did. I don't know whether he did or didn't.

AT said...

You should read FOFOA on gold traded as a forex currency. In general you should read him if you want to understand the concept of saving in gold.

Brian said...

I do read FOFOA. Not to be mean but I really don't need his advice to understand the concept of saving in gold either. I owned gold long before I heard of his blog.

He presents a lot of novel ideas and concepts- some have helped me and some have been rather useless.

In the present case, we have owned gold now for 4.25 years through a tremendous bear market. We have lost the investment ability our capital might have had had it been producing earnings in real estate or somewhere else. So it has some serious catching up to do which it technically cannot do because gold only matches strides with a deteriorating or inflating currency.

The other problem is two fold- owning gold may be useless because we may never see this grand meteoric rise that everyone seems to speculate about (we may be dead by then) and two- just what will the world look like if and when that meteoric rise happens?

FOFOA can postulate all he wants- the bottom line is that he is constrained by powers far greater than himself.

I own gold because I cannot take the chance that the world's fiat blows up when I am 70 and destroys my income streams. That really sums it up.

Compleat Patriot said...

I always tell those anti precious metals folk the same thing. "What are you invested in that does not fluctuate up and down and does not have it's winners and losers?" Foods, real-estates? Oil? What? I've never stumbled over the risk free sure thing yet.. lol.. Maybe these paper tigers around us get The Cypress bail in treatment soon eh Amigo.. ? I think so.. If we read the banking cartels words in their various meetings we see that option is on the table for everyone in the banking system everywhere.. Not only that,

"An important caveat concerns safe deposit boxes (SDB) which are rented, not owned by the depositor. Since “possession is nine-tenths of the law” and the banks have possession of your contents inside their SDB, they already enjoy 90% ownership. Therefore, the bank which owns the SDB can take possession of your property in the event of a banking collapse. "

“… , and the financial burden shared by creditors and depositors, rather than automatically shouldered by taxpayers.” Depositors are those with a bank account and a safety deposit box.

Sounds like depositor security to me..

Of course, So-called precious metals are as precious as a lump-of-lead. Once you understand money creation, then it can be seen how, and by whom, value is given to money, and that value is given by the ‘issuer’ of that money. By those controlling the value of it all..

Thus my dream of $5,000 or $10,000 ounce gold which would certainly push me into the millionaire zone does not benefit the price fixers. Of course my dream would mean a lot of people would starve.. In that case please cancel my fantasy..

Oh well..