Tuesday, April 7, 2015

When Larry Whipped Harry- The Unauthorized Biography

On New Years's Day, Nevada's Harry Reid surfaced at a local hospital with grievous injuries to the right side of his face. His claim was that the injuries were caused by his use of exercise equipment. Recently, he has stated that he is permanently blind in the right eye.

We all knew he was lying initially- because he is after all- Senator Harry Reid.

Some of us recognized this as bullshit because Reid is clearly too big of a pussy to actually use exercise equipment. I personally thought that as close as Harry Reid might ever have gotten to a piece of exercise equipment- might have been when he tripped over his wife's "Shake Weight" and hit his face on an empty cognac bottle.

Then the story of his drunken brother Larry kicking his ass surfaced- complete with an AA meeting confession to Gawd knows how many listeners. The media will never investigate this- it would be too easy to prove...but here it is....


Anonymous said...

What a lying WEASEL. Reid goes out with a whimper. Good riddance, WUSS.

Anonymous said...

As Mike Hendrix put it, it's just a down payment on the ass kicking this lying monster really has coming.