Saturday, March 21, 2015

The "Chickenshit" Leader of the Free World

Oh how I wished I would have written this. The true essence of our President. From Bill Whittle. Copied in it's entirety here. -Brian

If you'd rather watch than read, here's this:

He’s the Leader of the Free World, elected by a civilized nation: militarily powerful because of, and not in spite of, it’s cultural commitment to science and art and medicine.

Although he spent much of his early life overseas, the Leader of the Free World grew up in the Northeast, and graduated from Harvard University. That he has a deep and abiding love for America is self-evident: he admires our energy, our inventiveness; our decency and kindness; our innate friendliness and charity. He loves our culture; he admires our private sector which generates so much innovation. And the Leader of the Free World admires and respects our vast military power, and the restraint which it is used – to him, it is indeed the Arsenal of Democracy.

And even though he has grown up the victim of bigotry and hatred, the Leader of the Free World loves America, even though slurs are applied to him still today. In spite of all that, he loves everything she stands for.

And there he stood, backed by American flags and framed in American glory – on the floor of the House of Representatives; where his predecessors made the case to fight against the great evils in the world: slavery. Nazism. Japanese Imperialism. Communism.

There he stood: The Leader of the Free World; a thoughtful, serious man making a thoughtful, serious case to the World’s Greatest deliberative body. The Leader of the Free World spoke frankly of the need to confront today, as we have confronted in the past, this latest threat to freedom, and science, and medicine, and art, and the basic human rights not only of women, and homosexuals but of everyone to live their own lives as they saw fit. He spoke against the clear and present danger posed by Islamic savages, motivated by religious hatred, implacable in their desire to see the world burn – and especially about the threat posed by the stat of Iran, which is working feverishly, night and day, so see those fires burn not at hundred but rather at thousands of degrees.

The President of the United States declined to attend this speech by the Leader of the Free World, because the President of the United States has called the Leader of the Free World “chickensh**.”

One of them is, anyway. Which one, I wonder?

You know, the internet has a wisdom all its own. Taking a snapshot of both these men in their youth, someone wrote:

Obama smoked Ganja; Netanyahu smoked terrorists.

Just a casual read of Dreams From My Father – and how it was written – show the President of the United States to have been a lazy, boastful, vain, disrespectful, sullen, pot-smoking narcissist who played basketball at the most exclusive private school in Hawaii, got high kicking back on the beach, and repeatedly blew off his book deadline after having spent the huge advance money. His brother, Mark Obama Neh-Des-AND-jo, lived in obscurity and utter poverty in Kenya, utterly ignored and unaided by his brother, The President of the United States of America.

Bibi Netanyahu was described by his teachers as courteous, polite, helpful, responsible, punctual, friendly, disciplined, cheerful, brave, active and obedient. After growing up in Pennsylvania, The Leader of the Free World returned to Israel, joined the IDF as a Special Forces commando, was part of the team that rescued the hostages aboard Sabena flight 571 – during which he was shot in the shoulder – then went back and fought along the Suez Canal in the Yom Kippur war before returning to America to get his degrees from both Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. HIS brother, Yonatan Netanyahu, was the only Israeli commando killed during the rescue of 100 Israeli hostages in the Raid on Entebbe on July 4th, 1976.

THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD – you know, the chickensh** one -- rescues his people when they are held hostage – PERSONALLY rescues them – and stands arm in arm with world leaders against the endless, savage, Islamic murders of Jews and all civilized people.

THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES goes golfing while hostages are being murdered – PERSONALLY goes golfing – and will not so much say the words “Islamic Terrorists” or “Jews” as our time for chickensh** posturing and preening runs out as fast as the nuclear centrifuges spinning in Iran.


Fredd said...

History will not treat Obama kindly. There's just too much unsatisfactory history to the guy, including his dangerous pacifism in the face of gathering threats for historians to overlook.

Brian said...

In a way, it's such a shame. Had Obama come in- enforced the rule of law on the bank crowd and restored order- he would have advanced the credibility of his race (whether it is fair or not) and he would have been heralded as a hero.

Instead he chose what he always probably was- a lying coward. A narcissist with race issues all his own.

What a shame and a waste.

Thanks for stopping by Fredd. I missed ya.


Anonymous said...

He never had anything like that in mind Brian. He came in with the sole intent to bring this country down a few pegs and fundamentally transforming us into something alien to most Americans.

I've been reading(and listening to) Bill since 2001-he had a site called EjectEjectEject.

He had a video riff going for a while as the Something(sorry don't remember) President, pretty good.

Brian said...

He lied to the entire country and hid all of the details of his past. His Presidency and his life are one giant fraud.

I remember, eject, eject, eject! I suppose there is life after blogging elsewhere- I did not know that was Whittle's site.

Well hell, things could always be worse MM. Thank Gawd we aren't Obama.


IRISH said...

Morning Brian :-). Bill does a great job and is enjoyable to watch and listen to. There are some others out there, you are one, that can put to words what many of us are thinking.

What as pushed me away from the day to day negativity is the fact that we all preach to the choir so to speak. I read stuff nod my head and pass it on. Nothing changes. It's too bad a guy like bill whittle couldn't run for office or have a tv show. They gave one to Sharpton. It just feels like there is an impending doom coming but no one wants to believe it. Stay safe. Irish

Anonymous said...

As always a thought provoking news flash. I see rather clearly what is happening. This country is being lulled into ignorance. When in history could a president have hidden his transcripts as well as past and MSM been complicit? The only glimmer of truth of what is happening can be found only on the internet by digging into blogs such as this one and international news (Telegraph). OF course there are opposing views such as HuffPost but if you use logic and think beyond ones nose the voracity is clearly lacking. And the troll or if not trolls then mindless comments on HuffPo are truly laughable. How can anyone looking at raw data such as true employment levels, Median wage, employment of 25 to 55 year old, it goes on and on, ever think this is not the absolute worse president to walk? The only way to change this is to vote for clear common folk thinkers instead of politicians be they Dem Rep Lib or Green.