Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Best Gold Piece You'll Read This Month

I stumbled onto this last night. Russia realizes that western bankers are manipulating and holding the price of gold artificially low- thus...

Putin is using gold and gold manipulation to short circuit the dollar by buying as much gold as possible. Western bankers are trapped and there is no way out until gold supplies are exhausted. I read it twice.

It makes you wonder if driving oil prices lower will slow Putin's gold buying down. Interesting.


PeterE said...

So far as I can tell, you are on the right page. I'm almost on the same page. What I can't figure out is how all the straws have not yet broken the camel's back. Who the hell is helping the camel? How much longer before it breaks? Hmmm.

Compleat Patriot said...

They need another bigger and nastier war. It's almost their only option..

Frankenstein Government said...

I don't know Peter. They've done everything humanly possible including failing to give Germany their gold back while shorting thousands of contracts in thin and unusual hours.

I don't think they can do this much longer- maybe another year or two. I think there will come a day when gold gets so scarce that all moves will be measured in the 100's per day. We are in the 4th year of a bear market with commodity deflation which I think will continue. Once the deflation runs its course...the hyperinflation happens. Then it will be off to the races. I keep adding silver here too. At 75x the gold price and much more affordable with industrial demand- it might just get super crazy when the gold market turns.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Thanks for posting that link, Brian. I have followed this trend of Russia and China buying gold for a while and have wondered when they will pull the plug on the all mighty dollar. I agree that this is a very easy to understand piece. Better than anything I've seen yet at Zero hedge. Do you think the "Free Gold" (FOFOA) people are right? This is going to be fun to watch as it unfolds.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

It is game over. The continuing suppression of oil in order to hurt Russia
is not working. This is not the 1980's Soviet Union that can be bankrupted.
Russia has been selling oil for Renminbi and gold. The idiots in Washington
think that they were going to isolate Russia and all they have done is light
the fuse for a derivatives meltdown. Look at high yield bonds directly tied
to the oil (fracking miracle) and the valuations since oil broke $60.00.
This potentially could set off a derivatives meltdown. Why is Government
putting in motion laws that allow banks to confiscate your savings in the
event of a systemic banking failure due to said derivatives blowing up ?
Things are moving at an accelerated rate and first quarter of 2015 is
going to show us what a tsunami is. Remember first the water reseeds
(deflation) then the water comes rushing back to shore(inflation). The
Chinese are not going to let their new best friend and trading partner
hang out to dry. Look for those treasury bonds to come back and begin
the hyperinflation scenario. It won't only be China returning all that
devalued paper. The other countries using dollar denominated paper
will most certainly participate in this redemption. The world is tired of
U.S. hegemony, senseless wars and exportation of inflation.
Of course this could literally blow up. As the idiots prepare for the
mother of all wars. Look at the current military build up beginning
to circle the Russian Borders. Let us hope that rational thinking
returns and we all don't end up dying over shitty green paper.

Frankenstein Government said...

Let us hope that rational thinking
returns and we all don't end up dying over shitty green paper.

I'll tell you what. A bunch of us are gonna have to die stopping a bunch of them from doing just that. Let's hope we have enough brave men when that time comes.


Falcon said...
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Compleat Patriot said...

The Hag of hegemony landed here in 1783. I can't wait for that bitch to die.

Compleat Patriot said...

The fur market is fked up as well.. Russians aren't taking our fur.

Anonymous said...

Brian, For your viewing. This is interesting considering the timing.

Brian said...

I watched the vid. I think the next great war is a currency/debt war. For now, with the petrodollar crashing- the world is getting some relief.