Thursday, September 11, 2014

The NFL, Roger Goodell, and Local Prosecutors All Abandon Virtue

Best evidence.

Last week, I wrote a blog on how our culture has abandoned virtue. I set forth the premise that American culture has devolved from a society that honored truth to a society which routinely practices dishonesty. This moral erosion is everywhere.

I am a football nut. Shortly after TMZ released the video of the Baltimore Ravens' running back, Ray Rice, punching and knocking out his wife on an Atlantic City elevator- I received a phone call from an old friend of mine. He still works on the police department.

He asked me what I thought of the video, the two game suspension, and the 500,000 dollar fine that Rice received from Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner. Goodell, or the NFL, had issued a statement that they had never seen the Ray Rice video.

I told my friend this was bullshit, a flat out lie. Nobody is going to levy a two game suspension and a half million dollar fine without getting or viewing the best evidence. In this case, the best evidence of what Ray Rice had done was the video.

Unfortunately for Goodell, once the country had seen what Ray Rice actually did on that elevator, we were all shocked. Not just at the paltry 2 game suspension that the NFL handed out- but the failure of local prosecutors to prosecute a clear cut case of domestic battery without the testimony of Rice's girlfriend.

Goodell and the NFL immediately denied that they had seen the video- fearing the backlash and the repercussions that are taking place now.

In fact, if Goodell levied his judgment without viewing the video- that amounts to some piss poor job performance and in that case- I would question whether or not it was time for Goodell to hit the bricks.

Yesterday, an anonymous police department official not only stated they had sent the NFL the video in April- but provided proof that the NFL had received it and had already seen it via a recorded call.

You know what clinches it for me? 

Goodell maintained his lie by stating that he "believed" nobody at the NFL had seen the video. Whenever I hear weasel language like that, I know the person is lying. When people use the term "I believe" they use that term to escape the obvious intent of their lies.

Here is the latest report on the Ray Rice video.

Goodell, having used that weasel language, is a liar, inept as a commissioner, or both. So what is it Roger? Are you a liar or just a piss poor commissioner who levies fines and suspensions without viewing the best evidence? Or are you just a crappy manager who doesn't know what the employees are doing?

I won't even discuss the cowardly prosecutors who also weaseled out of doing their jobs, pointing to the non compliant victim as proof they could not charge the case.

People make mistakes. Everyone dropped the ball here, pun intended. People fail. But the part that drives me nuts is that people like Goodell once caught, compound their failures through lying and dishonesty. That is the state of our society. These are our role models. Our President routinely pulls the same shit.

Thank you Roger for helping me prove the point that our culture has abandoned virtue. I couldn't think of a better example.


blurred said...

I first saw the video of him knocking his now Wife out in the elevator back during the Sterling incident. I couldn't believe Sterling was getting banned from the NBA, yet nothing really happened to Rice. This was all last Spring. I now feel like I'm in a time machine where everyone is just now seeing this video. I don't care about Ray Rice or any other douchy NFL point is if someone like myself who doesn't really care about off-season NFL like myself saw the video back certainly means Goodell and the rest of these douches knew about it. They're only forced to do something about it when it hits the broadest of audiences and action is required by the masses. I chalk it up to another stupid politically correct move in our dumb fucking society.

In other news, I love Mike Tyson recently calling out the interviewer the puts him on the spot LIVE calling him a convicted racist. The truth Mike gives him in response is uncensored and awesome. Fuck being PC.

Anonymous said...

To be "politically correct"= deception, untruthful.

Anonymous said...

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”
Marcus Aurelius

If people believe the bullshit they tell other people, then they're not lying, are they Brian? Welcome to Liberal Utopia, where nothing matters, no one cares and anything goes.

Compleat Patriot said...

Bread and Circuses. Since you're on the vanity and dishonesty kick I suggest you consider game rigging, predetermined outcomes based on highest financial gains possible for various NFL Championships. You wrote something awhile back about a man you met in This Valley some time back that warned you about about the coming financial chaos.. I had a similar experience with a very advanced ex Mason brother turned truth seeker and follower of Messiah who in the mid season of the Patriots 18 and 0 run where they lost to the Giants in the SB lay out the predetermined outcome of that season because he was disgusted with my NFL addiction, I thought he was full of shit. He nailed it dude. And I quit wasting my life on that BS. It's all dishonest, and rigged.

Anonymous said...


Many years ago, an old time gambler was playing in a 3 card Monte game. A fellow gambler told him the dealer was cheating. The following day, the old time gambler was back in the game, playing. His fellow gambler asked him why he would play when he was obviously being cheated. He replied, "It's the only game in town."

I can't buy into the theory that the NFL is rigged Greg. I remember that season well. I bet the Giants in the SB. Why? Those two teams had played earlier that year, just a game or two earlier, and despite the final score- I thought the Giants had outplayed them. It was an easy play for me. The exact same thing occurred in 1999 when the Rams and Eagles played in the playoffs. Earlier in the year they played and the Eagles had caught every bad break imaginable. Every tipped ball or fumble magically landed in the Rams hands. So In the playoffs, the linesmakers made the Rams a 12.5 favorite. I was driving down to JP, turned to my wife and told her that I felt like betting my entire 11k gambling acct. on that game. You should have heard my ex. The shrill ringing still echoes in my ears. The Eagles lost by 4 points in a game that the Rams never had covered and very nearly lost. Instead of 11k, I won 500- my max. bet.

My point is- is that while most of the financial world is rigged with thieves, bankers, and charlatans- I still cling to the idea that some things are not manipulated. And even if they are- I might still play anyway. Brian

Anonymous said...

That's a true statement. If a lie is repeated often enough- does it not become the truth? That is precisely the world we live in right now. Our country is bankrupt, but the Federal Reserve and our aristocracy continue to tell the sheep that everything is great.

No country had ever returned from economic death when debt exceeds the entire annual GDP of the country. Let me say that one more time. No country has ever survived.

The liberal utopia is quickly running out of donors. It shant be long. Brian

Compleat Patriot said...

It's just another corporation that uses computer modeling for financial forecasts. The model predicts a Seattle Seahawks SB Champion will pay out 10.5 million over The D. Broncos selling Seahawks NFL gear. The coaches on both teams get a call, manage it this way boys or else. Cha ching!!!! lol.

Anonymous said...


Negro Fatigue League

evanthesportsguy said...

I completely agree with this article. Roger Goodell is s disgrace as a commissioner. As the man representing one of the most lucrative business in the USA, you would think the NFL would have already forced Mr. Goodell to resign. Yet, he still is attending games and further embarrassing himself by only handing out proper punishments to criminal players when the public rides him about it. I think Goodell should resign because as long as he is commissioner, the NFL will lose its women fans and continue to instill joke punishments.

Compleat Patriot said...

Sports Stadiums: Temples to Crony Capitalism