Monday, March 24, 2014

We May Be Thieves, But We Are Honorable Thieves

If it wasn't so absurd, it wouldn't even be newsworthy.

The latest Edward Snowden revelation is that the NSA hacked into a Chinese telecomm provider to look for "bag guys." That's the cover explanation from an agency which isn't exactly known for telling the truth.

The United States Government or more specifically, the NSA- doesn't even try to lie anymore. Snowden owns them and he can prove his statements. Denial is no longer their first reaction.

Because they know Snowden has the goods on them- the NSA's explanation for hacking into foreign, private businesses is that they are simply looking for bad guys and....get this...

They don't turn over the information they steal to American telecomm competitors. Like those Chinese spies do. So the inference is clear.

We are honorable thieves.  


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian great blog. Have you noticed over the past 6 years all "breaking" stories with any depth are from other countries. Seriously, other than an occasional FOX news story the MSM does absolutely no true investigative reporting. Just my opinion. Oh, just last week in MercoPress how Kerry begged Uraguay to take a few Guantanamo prisoners and the prisoners are being pimped to 60 countries. Anyway this country is fucked and the MSM libtardos failure to inform the low info voters is part of the cause. Keep great humor and stories coming.

Brian said...

Interesting. American media is owned by the same oligarchy that runs this place.

Al Jazeera, the BBC, the Canadian Free Press, all seem to be a little more objective. Our media isn't really interested in objectivity- they are more concerned with spreading their liberal agenda while shining the shoes of their masters.

The great thing about being a blogger is that we are free to write about all of this crookedness without reprisal. The internet gives virtually anyone an uncompromising voice. That is a beautiful thing.

Thanks for swinging by!

Anonymous said...

There is no honor among thieves.

Anonymous said...

The BBC ? You have got to be kidding. They are so aligned with the U.S. lame stream media. Look at their position on Russia, Syria, Egypt and Israel. It is like watching any news channel in the U.S.
There is one difference and that is their dialog or script uses a more advanced vocabulary.
Al Jazeera has recently been receiving funding from George Soros. Look for subtle changes in
their delivery of the facts in the not to distant future. NWO means control over every media outlet
so the message stays consistent without deviation. Yes Brian, we are listening.

Anonymous said...

Truth is all news outlets are biased. US MSM is by far the worse. China Daily is more factual and less party line. I read Huffpo just to see how stories are spun I take nothing at face value anywhere as true. Al Jaz is losing its ass and you are correct it will have a NWO Soros spin.