Monday, December 23, 2013

A Free Speech Eulogy- The Sunday Collage

We are gathered here today to recognize the death of one of our greatest freedoms- free speech.

The Duck Dynasty debacle is just the latest in the leftist/media attack on anything they disagree with.

Free speech once allowed us to converse like adults. We were not offended by opinions nor did we feel the need to personally attack someone who offered their opinion.

We respected people who shared their opinions with us even when we disagreed. We did not feel "under attack" which is the common thread in today's dialogue. People voice their displeasure and often attack others for their opinions. This attack mentality is brought about by two things.

Insecurity and intolerance.

In short, today's culture takes everything personally. It demands that you agree with it or suffer the consequences.

We can't talk about anything it seems- without offending someone. Either we have become the most insecure nation ever or perhaps and more likely, we have forgotten what is really important.

Diversity. The ability to share thoughts and opinions without suffering an attack. I don't ever tell people what to say nor do I act like a baby when I hear something I disagree with.

That includes terms like nigger, faggot, cunt and all of the other horrible words. I use those three words specifically- because they tend to arouse the most hatred and vitriol- and they are not going to go away anytime soon. They are just words but you'd think that they have some sort of secret, evil power to see the reactions those words conjure up in people. I don't give those words much power. I tend to not use them and what I don't do- is march around the planet like some victim attacking everyone who does use those words. I don't demand your compliance with my unwritten and un-communicated expectations.

Grow a spine America. Quit acting like babies every time you hear something you disagree with.

It's a shame that we have a growing majority who does not understand the utility and importance of free speech. They want to tell everyone how to behave, how to act, and what to say.

Fuck them.

I don't practice conditional tolerance. I practice unconditional tolerance.That includes my card carrying leftist friends who think their opinion is the only one which counts.

Free speech dies when you quit protecting it. Even when you hate it or disagree with it. A lot of people died protecting your right to engage in free speech, Without free speech- we are just a nation of voiceless sheep.

That's one of the big reasons we left England in the first place. Those who hate free speech can always go back. 


Jim at Asylum Watch said...

The Duck Dynasty affair shows we are not free to express a religious point of view unless it happens to covered by the Koran. Those that demand tolerance are the least tolerant of all.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Merry Christmas, Brian!

Anonymous said...

Although the 3 words you quoted (nigger, faggot and cunt) are known to me and occasionally enter into my speech, I similarly do not employ them very often. That being said, however, here's what they mean to me on the occasions when I do use them:

Nigger: a complete asshole who shits all over everyone else while demanding that everyone else worship them because they think themselves superior (describes my estranged brother perfectly). While the term did originate with racial overtones, to me it means something completely different and I sometimes use it in this fashion regardless of what color the target is.

Faggot: a militant or ornery homosexual (I'd be just as likely to call him an asshole) or a bundle of sticks and twigs.

Cunt: a royal bitch of a woman who makes my life difficult, or a complete asshole who makes my life difficult. That's it.

I do not as a rule go out of my way to offend people, but I'll be damned if I'll curb my speech just to please someone else. I feel that there is a link between speech and though, an interdependent or symbiotic relationship, and that any attempt to curb one is an attempt to control the other. When people tell me that I'm not politically correct, I respond by saying I'm not political, so I can say what I damned well please. If my attitude somehow offends their timid little liberal souls, fuck 'em. They can suck my big hairy balls.

Anonymous said...

typo above: should read "speech and thought"

Anonymous said...