Monday, September 30, 2013

CNBC Quickly Becoming the First Tabloid Network

When exactly did the media lose it's objectivity?

Today I had to take a little drive up into the mountains and I spent the entire trip listening to the commentators at CNBC on satellite radio.

The entire hour and a half that I listened to CNBC- they devoted to criticizing the House Republicans. Any guest that CNBC brought on the show, who even remotely suggested that the Democrats were partially responsible for the pending government shutdown, were promptly interrupted and verbally assaulted.

There was even a guest or two that suggested a government shutdown would be good for the stock market and that a sell off would present a buying opportunity.

At no time in the one and a half hours I listened, did any CNBC commentator take the side of the House.

I am not kidding. Listening to this network is like reading Huffington Post. Any professionalism or class has long since been removed. CNBC is still minority owned by GE with CEO Jeffrey Immelt, Obama's business czar.

Obama bought himself a network when he appointed Immelt. That's how all of these bastards climb in one big bed together.

AT 1502 PM my time, the great orator and habitually late Barack Obama, gave us his 15 minutes of vitriol which was delivered late as usual. He does this out of consideration for everyone else. Obama refers to Tea Party adherents as the extreme right wing of the GOP.

Supporting the Constitution gets you mocked and labeled by this President. Your money is not yours, it's his. And he has no problem telling you what you are going to spend it on.

That's what it has become. One giant communistic, Marxist government ruled by elites with a majority of poor folks begging for scraps. I'd be ok with that if the ruling elites paid for the poor- but after buying every politician and the best tax code money could conceive- the elite dumped the entire burden of debt, Obamacare, and every other tax squarely in the laps of the middle class.

And because we don't want to pay it- they say "tough we're taking your money anyway."

Freedom, Obama style. The best President money could buy.

I will never, ever, tune into CNBC again. I don't buy the National Enquirer at the grocery store and I sure as hell don't need to listen to it on my radio.

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Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Good rant, Brian. I don't trust the Republicans to have the guts or integrity to stand their ground, but I am praying that this one time they find the courage to do what is right. This partial government shut down may be a godsend.