Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Friend Of a Friend Of Another- The Genius of the FOFOA Blog

A few years ago, somebody was talking about the FOFOA blog on Zerohedge. I searched it, found it, and I could not stop reading it.

It's not an easy read. Bring your A game comprehension skills with you.

This is a site that has been up for only 5 years. It is nearly impossible to get 5.5 million hits on anything unless it's porn. This is not porn. This is some of the most intelligent, introspective and revealing commentary I have ever found on the importance and vast mystery of gold.

That's what makes it even more amazing. His blogs can be enormous.

He does not talk about silver or platinum - he does however embed a music vid here and there. So the 5. 5 million hits at this place are people who are.....get this....READING! Engaged, intelligent readers asking articulate questions. Not so oddly, the writer will not reveal himself. I find this lack of qualifying credentials and therefore pre judgments- refreshingly unnecessary. Prima facie writing. Rarely will you see any kind of argument here.

He posted something the other night which I believe to be the quintessential explanation for why our country will have a hyper inflation event and what's more, he is looking forward to it as the only thing that will rid us of this enormous debt.

He simply does not know the duration. But if you are living on a fixed income, without gold or silver to trade when a hyper inflation event occurs- this might be a miserable time for you. A few ounces of gold during a hyper inflation event- might just pay the mortgage off.

If you haven't done so already- it might be worth your time to take a look. I am gonna link that hyperinflation piece.


Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Brian, thanks for the introduction to FOFOA. I didn't have time to finish the article, but I bookmarked it and look forward to finishing it and reading the the others in the series.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Damn, Briam, why didn't you introduce your followers to FOFOA sooner? That guy is good! I spent half of my weekend reading his posts.

Brian said...

FOFOA is a tough read mostly because of it's narrow scope (gold) and the subject matter which tends to be very thorough and involves vocabulary not commonly in use.

I know that you have a mining background Jim so I am not surprised that you liked the blog. In fact, it probably makes more sense to you than it does to me. I also think your mining background is in nevada gold.

Having said all that, FOFOA is essentially where I formulated my thoughts on gold. I am clearly in the hyper inflation camp and at no time in history has the whole world been essentially bankrupt at the same time. I cannot imagine what will happen when this mess unwinds.

I just know you better have some gold and silver when the big unwind happens. I do.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Brian, are you aware that the guy behind FOFOA has several videos on You Tube? A friend sent me this link to day: