Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Power and Credibility of Citizen Bloggers

Years ago, as a Police Chief who dealt with local media, I have to tell you that I never disclosed all the details of any given case. In fact, I spoon fed reporters the softball answers to the softball questions that they asked.

Rarely, if ever, did a reporter probe any deeper than the fluff I turned over. Could they have? Sure- so why didn't they?

First off, reporters and journalists in general, make next to nothing. In communities all over this nation, they attend mundane meetings and try to cull out enough information to publish a decent account of what happened. It's really a pretty boring job.

Reporters make their living from their sources. They don't want to piss those sources off by sending in a few hardball questions. Because the sources, like police agencies and local government, have clout. They will simply call the owners and editors of local newspaper and television outlets and tell them that any given reporter is off limits. Or they find "spokes people" who filter information and deflect questions while often misleading reporters or outright lying.

Jay Carney is a professional liar. He does this on behalf of the President. I can't stand to watch Carney deflect and lie anymore than I can stand to watch Obama do the same thing.

I used to have a friend, a fellow Police Chief, who kicked a number of reporters out of his office.

So the problem is that media at it's very best, has a garbage in- garbage out mentality that only delivers the superficial parts of a story.

In the worst case, the media simply ignores and obstructs facts and creates it's own agenda. This is the narrative going on in this country. That's why we have this golfing buffoon as a President. I don't care what President Obama does, what crooked things he does or how many innocent drone victims there are, this media will find a way to hide and obstruct those facts. They have crawled into bed with him, I suspect, for no other reason than he is a black liberal. Thus they can claim, that they are truly above the chains that bind the rest of us "racists." Judged strictly on performance, Obama is a worthless, banker shill, installed to prevent the prosecution of the banker cartel. This despite the leftist agenda that would have you believe that Obama is the second coming of Abraham Lincoln, JFK, and Martin Luther King all wrapped into one.

The rise of citizen journalism, or blogging has been a wonderful thing. We stole the printing press from those bastards who had been abusing it. Bloggers are like amplifiers. We find stories, we pick away at them, prove or disprove the facts, and we write. Because we can. Nobody can fire us. We are the pent-ultimate carriers of the first amendment.

As a blogger, I am not beholden to anyone for what I write. Nobody is going to can me. I am not co-opted or paid. In fact, I have every incentive to tell the truth and I can usually find sources to verify what I write. And usually, I cite those sources. Occasionally, I catch a ridiculous story on someone else's blog and more than once, had it removed it with a quick thank you.

The people telling the truth right now- are mostly bloggers. Quite simply, we have no incentive or motive to lie. That doesn't mean that all bloggers are credible but the ones on my blogroll certainly are.

Here is the best 10 minutes you'll see today on why the mainstream media sucks. Most of the facts in the Zimmerman case were uncovered by citizen bloggers. Mainstream media obstructed the truth so that they could offer up their race baiting version, trying to lynch Zimmerman despite the facts. What they did was irresponsible and sick. It's a shame that NBC can't be charged criminally.




Always On Watch said...

I'll be posting this video next week -- with a hat tip to you.

Anonymous said...

The asshole and chief wanted to start a race war over this incident. The statement that there is no Jackson or Sharpton holiday is explained simply. This country does not honor carpet baggers and race baiters. Obama is a weak man with a large ego. His time in office will be remembered as one of the darkest times in this country's history. (no pun intended)

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman is definitely not guilty. The proof? Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (can you say Tawana Brawley?) see fit to stick their noses into it.

nfl jerseys cheap said...

The President's ability to govern is decided not only himself but his brain trust.

LD Jackson said...

I couldn't agree more, Brian. The media, or at least most of it, has far outlived their usefulness. Had it been left up to them, George Zimmerman would be in prison today.

Anonymous said...

NFL, The buck stops at his desk. He chooses the the people that surround him. Most people that run large organizations or business understand that their appointments (read personal) are their responsibility. Your saying blame the "brain trust" not Obamas fault. My question to you NFL is who hired the "brain trust" ?