Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oklahoma Medical Clinic Posts Surgery Prices, Kicks Off Price War

Why hasn't this happened until now? This should make your eyes bulge.

An excellent piece via the Ron Paul feed.


Anonymous said...

I know two people who have traveled to India to have surgery done. The cost factor even with airfare and hotel was 65% less then having the procedure done in the States. The best part was that all the surgeons were U.S. medical school graduates. We are talking Harvard, University of Chicago, NYU. I believe that as the U.S. economic situation continues to deteriate more hospitals and medical providers will see the light. Tip of the hat to Oklahoma for being out in front. Oklahoma, who would of thought ?

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian, I would just fly to Cuba for surgery (the beaches are great for recovery). And don't give me any crap about having free medical care in Canada. What good is free when the waiting list is sometimes months or years long? A man could die waiting up here.