Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Debate Team, Why Does Obama Cause So Much Conflict?

Taking the long route today.

Debate club, old man style. That's why I like Huffpo. Debating causes me to think. I am in awe at some
of the positions liberals take.

I am not kidding when I say this. Dyed in the wool leftists often cannot grasp why government would lie. They simply give government officials, particularly "theirs" the benefit of the doubt. It defies belief. But in as much as they defend "theirs" they hate "yours." Leftists always think they know your agenda.

Whenever I am debating an issue, let's say in the case of the Congressional Budget Office's allegation that this year's deficit will only be 642 billion, I stick to the facts. Generally what happens is this. a) Intelligent people realize when they are wrong or at the very least, realize when they have been mislead. They will go quiet. b) Every once in awhile, I actually have a decent back and forth discussion with an intelligent person without name calling. This causes me to re-think or reinforce a position with fact checking. It happened last week. c) Some ego maniac will start calling you names when you disagree with an unsubstantiated position that they have taken. When they start calling you names, you win. It is always that simple.

The single greatest conflict generator of my entire life is Barack Obama. I have never ever seen an individual more adept at lying than this guy. He is a pure professional. When I see his particular quality of deception- I am in awe. Even when caught in a lie, Obama simply shuts up. Thus he gives the detracting side no credibility and no power- knowing full well that the issue will fade. Benghazi, and where he was during that 7 hours, is a perfect example. He has never addressed the issue.

The reason that Obama causes so much conflict is because he is so damn good at being deceptive. Bush was a piker compared to this guy. Even ardent conservatives had to agree that Bush was a shitty liar. So Bush didn't generate the kind of entrenched conflict that Obama does. It doesn't hurt that Obama is black either. Supporters will often use the race card anytime they are losing a debate involving Obama.

I don't think I have ever researched anyone more thoroughly than Obama. I certainly have never researched anyone, anywhere, who is a bigger enigma than this guy. His entire life makes no sense to me.

e·nig·ma  (-ngm)
1. One that is puzzling, ambiguous, or inexplicable.

Let me tell you a little story which will make sense once you think about it. Hillary Clinton, while in college, aspired to be President. She had actually stated that to classmates in the 70's. So Hillary got the right education, made all the rights moves, protected her husband from scandal which included a cocaine habit and a 12 year year affair with Gennifer Flowers. Eventually, Bill made it to the White House. Now I have a friend who attended school with Hillary and claimed Hillary was gay. She has told me that she had always believed Hillary was a lesbian. For all of our alleged "open-mindedness" in the U.S., it is highly doubtful that a female, moreover an openly gay female, could ever be President. At least that was the America of Hillary's youth. So Hillary, ever the master planner, got married and had one child. She manufactured a life that was acceptable to voters. A facade. Hillary could care less who Bill screws around with- that was never important to her. What is important to Hillary is her ego and ambition. I have always believed the whole marriage, kid, thing was just a cover story for a Presidential run or two. There are now rumblings that in Hillary's upcoming book, she is going to disclose that she is bi-sexual. So after 4 decades, maybe the truth will come out.

That was never a mystery to me. So why is any of this important? Because it showcases the great lengths that people will go to satisfy their ego and ambitions. What are you willing to sacrifice, to do, to get what you want? That is the great lie that is Hillary's life. Hillary Clinton is no enigma. She is simply a woman who has gone to great extremes to cover up who she really is to get what she wants. Hillary knows sacrifice.

It's a bit pathological really. But Hillary is not an enigma. In fact, she is quite transparent at least in this stage of her life. Which brings me back to Obama, the man with two biographies. The one he presents to the public and within his books, and the real man- the enigma.

How do I know this? Because quite simply- his life and the piecemeal narrative he gives us- does not make any sense.

For five years, I have studied Obama. I have read his books, looked at every childhood picture I could find, read accounts. I am amazed at how difficult it is to place him anywhere at any given time- the lack of specific times and dates- in any of his books.

I know he left Indonesia sometime in late grade school. Pictures taken in Indonesia and Hawaii with his sister make it difficult but not impossible to at least take a general stab at how old he was when he landed back in the United States as Barry Soetoro. He looks much older than he claims to have been. (5th grade) I'm not even sure where Obama lived before college. With his grandmother I suppose- while attending Punahou school in Hawaii. His real mother, father, and grandparents are all dead. That doesn't make this fact finding any easier.

The truth begins to take shape only as you examine his sister Maya. She was born in Jakarta when Obama would have just turned 9. Read her "early life" in this wiki entry. Pay close attention to the second paragraph, one line. Barack's mother went back to Indonesia with Maya and left Barack behind? Is that what is implied? Maya was born an Indonesian but home schooled by her mother there? Does any of this make sense? Do you leave one kid behind and take another? Clearly Maya is an Indonesian. Was Barry?

Don't take issue with wiki. I have read this in other places.

Things get really murky about the time Obama's mother leaves Indonesia to go to Hawaii, drop Barry off (I guess with grandma) and then return with Maya to Indonesia. I don't understand that.

The more I read, the more puzzled I get. Pieces and years are missing and then all of a sudden, a high school prom picture shows up.

How could Obama afford to attend Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard with little or no money? He has no discernible income and he certainly didn't come from a wealthy family. Did he have any jobs? Not that I know of. Wealthy relatives, inheritances? Nope.

The problem I have with all of that of course- is that I went to school at the same time. School was expensive. There is little doubt that Obama would have required financial aid. Where are the records of grants, scholarships, student loans? Undisclosed, of course.

Unlike Obama, I had nothing to hide. I received grants, a student loan, borrowed money, and I worked. In Obama's case, a person who should have been vetted and scrutinized far more than I ever was, I am not sure anybody even bothered asking him how he financed that college career.

So either Obama was a fantastically good drug dealer, had financial help, or the world recognized how gifted he was and gave him a free pass. (I worked three part time jobs) How about ex-girlfriends in college? Was Obama a-sexual? How come nobody ever steps up to say, I dated Barack in college?

What of that 1981 passport Barack used to travel back to Indonesia? What happened to it? What's with the social security number assigned to Obama from Connecticut? He never lived there. What I am going to do here is clip a Snopes piece that purports to debunk the origins of Obama's social security number from a state he never lived in. In an all out effort to twist the truth, Snopes postulates that Barack's social security number was a clerical error! I'm not kidding. (Paragraph 7) When I was a kid, my number 516 was assigned to all Montana residents. They did not give me a regional Wyoming number by mistake nor did they say we assign numbers according to regions. That is complete bullshit. In my youth as a cop, numbers were assigned according to states- not regions. We were taught that as a matter of fact and I used that fact to solve a number of identity riddles amongst people I arrested and who were trying to hide their identity usually because they were wanted in the same state as their SSN was issued in.

At no time, in literally hundreds of cases, did an individual living in New Hampshire get a regionally generated number- let's say one normally assigned to Vermont. Not once did that ever happen to me or anyone I worked with in 25 years. Snopes is full of shit.

Less than two years in the Illinois legislature and suddenly a man that most of us never heard of, Barack Obama, surfaces and becomes President??

I will summarize with this. The more I have looked at Obama's life the more confused I have become. Nothing makes sense. As a retired police officer with a quarter century on the job, let me offer this. If I had discovered something as inexplicable and confusing as Obama's life while on the job, I damn sure knew that I was missing a number of facts. In an investigative sense, when people with hold routine facts about themselves, or fail to present innocent and harmless things about themselves, they do that because they are hiding something. They are hiding something because they know that the truth will bring them a boat load of trouble. It's as simple as that. Always.

Obama has single handedly polarized this country into two camps. The people who believe his bullshit and those of us who don't. Debating who this guy is becomes a zero sum game. It doesn't matter at this point. Well, unless you live in the middle east underneath the shadow of those drones or you are trying to get health insurance from one of these state sponsored exchanges come January.

Obama's skin tone is a non issue. Unfortunately, the left was reluctant to vet him because that might raise the specter of racism among their anointed appointee. I honestly think that's why Obama has gotten away with his half assed story. If some old white guy with Obama's history had run for President the media would have dumped him on his head. Look at the NSA kid, Edward Snowden. I knew more about Ed Snowden (where he went to school, his employers, his parents, and everything about his life) in two days than I do about our President. It's a fantastic comparison really. To see how well the media works when it is not compromised by the credentials of an Ed Snowden, and to see how poorly it works when it has a dog in the fight that it desperately wants to win. The media has always been for sale but never as cheaply as it is now.

Obama causes conflict because he is non transparent. He is deceptive. He punishes his enemies while smiling at them. He has chosen his side and by his very actions, he demands that you get on board with him. He is not a unifier or collaborator. He is that kind of guy who thinks he is smarter than everyone else. He wants you to cooperate with him because he knows what he is doing and you do not. He believes that. He is forever the knowledgeable college professor and you are the lowly student. Everything is a teachable moment- because you are just too naive to understand anything. Obama cannot understand why anybody would question his credentials. Truth be told, it would genuinely puzzle him.

I can't wait until Obama's term is over. That will be our first opportunity to really find out who this guy is- without the interference of the media or the leftist minions. To actually figure out who this guy is without starting WWIII. Unlike Bush, I think Obama is going to entertain us for years to come. No matter who we elect, if I ever see a picture of Obama with a word cloud over his head that says, "Miss me yet?"

I will simply reflect, "Barack, if that is your real name, I hardly knew ye."


Anonymous said...

The Manchurian Candidate.

Marcus said...

Strange how the left refuses to believe there's anything amiss concerning Obama's real roots, but demands that everyone else buy into their 9/11 conspiracy theories. Very strange that!