Sunday, April 28, 2013

Killing Peter Pan

From Weird and Pissed Off.

Too good not to pass along.


Marcus said...

If anything, this article only strengthens my argument that voting should be a privilege and not a right. There must be some type of "means test" to determine whether the person wielding a ballot is in fact an adult, not a child masquerading as an adult. The notion that some shithead has the right to vote merely because they've attained the age of majority is farcical.

Ask me why I don't bother voting (outnumbered 100-1 by shitheads, might be my response) and why I think democracy sucks (an dilemma that will be solved eventually when the whole stinking, tyranny-of-the-majority edifice collapses under its own weight and people will have to learn how to look out for themselves, again, or perish). Ugh.

Brian said...

I agree Marcus. We now have a mob rule democracy. The mob, as ignorant as it is, may actually be the majority now.

Anonymous said...

I raised my sons with having to earn mountain dew, college, car, etc. They now support wonderful families as well as the loser 47% and it makes me ill. WE need to take our country back.

Brian said...

I think it's gone. Re-electing our loser Congress and President spoke VOLUMES about the collective intelligence of our countrymen.